HERE Navigation On-Demand is a new infotainment system with Alexa built-in

Unless we're talking about Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, it's safe to say that most in-car navigation/infotainment systems aren't always the most user-friendly or pleasing to look at. Hoping to finally change that once and for all, HERE announced HERE Navigation On-Demand at CES 2019.

From the same company behind the popular HERE WeGo navigation app, HERE On-Demand can be used by automakers to provide a clean, functional, and powerful in-car platform that drivers actually want to use. Designing good UX takes a lot of work, and since HERE already has years of experience with mobile apps, it's in a far better position to handle this rather than a company like Ford, Honda, or Chevrolet.

HERE On-Demand can be customized by car manufacturers, and when software updates need to be pushed out, this is all handled via over-the-air updates rather than making customers visit a dealership to update their vehicle's software.

Using our expertise in over-the-air updates, maps and features within HERE Navigation On-Demand can be securely deployed to vehicles via internet connection. Vehicle owners need never visit a dealership to receive updated map data, nor travel to any destination without current roadway information. Since HERE Navigation On-Demand uses ultra-secure transmissions for updates, drivers' safety and privacy always remains protected.

Any tech product in 2019 isn't complete without some sort of AI integration, and that's why HERE On-Demand also comes equipped with Alexa built-in. Per Ned Curic, the Vice President of Alexa Auto at Amazon —

Because Alexa is integrated directly into the experience, automakers using Here Navigation On-Demand can easily provide customers with an intuitive, voice-first experience in the car, and provide richer, more useful voice interactions at home and on the go.

We're likely a ways away before any cars with HERE On-Demand are available for purchase, but even so, it's exciting to see that HERE's developed a platform to hopefully cut down on the infotainment woes cars have been faced with for years.

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Joe Maring

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