3D Printing Contest

For the past few weeks we've been putting an Ultimaker 2 through its paces, and learned a ton in the process. We know that making your own accessories can be cool, dealing with failure can make you want to rip your hair out, and ultimately it's fun to try new things. There's even a mostly pointless Moto 360 pocketwatch adapter out in the world thanks to the experiences we've had so far. We've got a few more posts on the way about our experiences with 3D Printing so far — including whether or not this tech is ready to life in every house — but something was missing from the experience, our good buddy Lloyd.

What you see before you is a simple contest to get some Lloyd gear into the 3D Printing world, and the winner of this contest will walk away with an Android Wear watch of their choosing.

Entering is easy if you've got the right tools. Submit your entry in the forum post linked below before 11:59 PM ET on Tuesday, March 31. We'll announce the winner on Friday, April 3 with a blog post showing off what was printed from the winning submission.

  • Submissions must somehow contain the Android Central Lloyd character. It can be something simple like a keychain fob with the character cut out, a complete 3D Lloyd figurine, and anything in between.
  • Submissions must be posted in the Android Central Forum. It can be a link to submissions to Thingiverse, YouMagine, etc., but the link must be in the Forum as well.
  • Remixes of existing projects are fine, as long as that is made clear in the submission.
  • Feel free to elaborate on the tools used and the time spent on the project. We love a good story.
  • Multiple entries are allowed, but not necessarily encouraged. Put your best foot forward!

Click here to be taken to the forums. Good Luck!