Heads up: We be podcastin' on Friday this week!

Due to circumstances entirely in our control, we're going to forgo our usual Thursday night podcast this week and instead move it to Friday afternoon! (Those circumstances being Phil's gonna be fresh off one of them whirlybird things and wants to see his wife and kids. You understand.)

But a little procrastination on our part's going to mean that you folks of the European persuasion will be able to join us without having a double espresso beforehand. We'll be going live at 9 p.m. BST, 4 p.m. EDT or 1 p.m. on the west coast. And that gives us plenty of time to collect our thoughts on all the HTC news we've seen this week, and it gives you folks some more time to send your e-mails and voicemails. We'll see you then!

AC Staff