Have you gotten the Android Pie update on your Galaxy S8?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review
Samsung Galaxy S8 Review (Image credit: Android Central)

Despite having been released back in 2017, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are still kicking along just fine here in 2019. In fact, the AT&T and T-Mobile variants of the phones started receiving their big Android Pie update on March 29.

Browsing through the AC forums, it looks like most owners of the phone have received the update in all of its glory.

Currently installing Pie update on Sprint. It's installed and it's like a just got a brand new phone for free. Faster then it's ever been, dam even Bixby is a joy to use now. So glad I held off buying the S10 Plus. Loving my S8 Plus again. WOW


Our two unlocked Galaxy S8+ T-Mobile phones we have updated overnight. So, we woke up to Android Pie on our phones on 1 Apr 2019.


I think battery life is much improved too. Usually by now I'm down to around 20% currently sitting at 47% without battery saver.

double p

Got it yesterday on my Verizon S8+. Looks like a totally different phone. No issues with battery or performance like I've read while waiting on it. Can't figure out how to get rid of the wifi calling "need to update location" notification and can't disable the bixby button now, but otherwise it's okay.

Crude Berry

How about you? Are you rocking Android Pie on your Galaxy S8?

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