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Nexus One remorse?; Task managers; Dolphin browser, N1 Cases

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  • "Nexus One remorse?" And you link to a thread with nothing but people loving their N1s? Is this a joke? This site has turned to garbage. Just another joke site run by fanboys like Engadget.
  • If you would take some time to look at the title of that thread, you would see that the thread is asking if people feel happy about their purchases of the Nexus One. I don' think there is anything wrong with the title.
  • The word choice could have been better. It's misleading and it seems that negativity gets more readers than the truth in the forums. -1 on the attempt, +1 for the Nexus One./
  • I absolutely love the Nexus One, I will own it for a long time. It exceeds all of my expectations that I had before I purchased it.