Google Hangouts

Hangouts just received an update that sees the addition of 16 sticker packs, new video filters for calls, ability to add contacts with their phone number, smart location suggestions and more. Also new is a "last seen" timestamp that shows you when your contact has last checked the service.

Here's a list of all that's new:

  • 16 new sticker packs, and some easter eggs so you have new ways to share what is on their mind - pictures are worth 1000 words!
  • Video calls are getting some extra flair with new video filters including sepia, vignette, black & white, and more - swipe on mobile to pick your style...
  • Now in Hangouts, you can connect with the people you know based on their phone number. If they use Hangouts and have also opted-in to phone number discoverability, you can easily connect with them on Hangouts.
  • Contacts will have "last seen" timestamps so you never have to ask "you there?" again.
  • When a friend asks you where you are, share your location in just one click with smart suggestion location sharing - when someone types "where are you" you are prompted with a one click option to drop a pin.

If you don't see the update just yet, we suggest waiting for a few hours. Google has also mentioned that the last seen feature will be rolled out in waves over the course of the coming weeks. The same set of features will be making their way to the Hangouts app on iOS soon.

What do you guys think of the new additions to the service?

Source: Google+ (Rhett Robinson)