Hands-on with a turned-on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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This isn't the first time we've seen the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch Honeycomb tablet. But tonight at a pre-Google IO event in San Francisco, we got our first look at one actually turned on. And Honeycomb is still Honeycomb. But it definitely feels a little faster than what we've come to know on the Motorola Xoom. And the hardware is still markedly lighter than the Xoom, and thinner, too.

And we've got one more month before we can all get the Wifi version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in our hot little hands. Anybody else excited yet?

Phil Nickinson
  • I want to see this against the eee pad
  • +1
  • The SG10.1 should be quite similar to the Transformer other than build quality; the weight, size, and screen quality of the SG10.1 has the Transformer beat (PLS>IPS). Once they have the bootloader unlocked and rooted, I could careless about the manufacture rom.
  • THAT is what DEFINES a Tablet. Weight, Thickness, Build, and Screen quality. Therefore, rest assured that this will in fact beat the Asus.
  • Thing to take from this, It has TegraZone installed. Meaning it has the Tegra2! That puts an End to that. Two questions though, That was Vanilla Honeycomb, Not Touchwiz, Which the GT 10.1 will have, So is this still just a test model or do they plan to keep it Vanilla now? And number 2, What the hell was with the red square around the edges when he had Pulse open?
  • I was pretty sure Samsung announced that both the 10.1 at 8.9 would be shipping with stock hc and eventually be pushed the touchwiz through an mandatory update
  • No, the thick 10.1 was the only one that would be shipping with stock HC. The thinner lighter versions will be Touchwiz'd
  • I just hope they don't ship with smooth, plastic backs.
  • This is the tablet that I may sell my iPad(1st gen) to get.
  • Any word on price? I'm still in the return period for my Acer Iconia and am thinking about switching for this if the price is similar and the bootloader is unlocked.
  • Price was announced when the thin versions were announced. Wifi only 16gb is $469 for the 8.9 and $499 for the 10.1 with the 10.1 set to launch on 8 June.
  • Think I'll probably be making the switch then. Thanks Stu!
  • dp
  • I just watched a video of the exact same tablet on slashgear, and during boot up it said 10.1v. Maybe they plan on realeasing both like in Europe, which could mean the 10.1 (non v) may still come with Exynos.
  • Kool looking tablet, but the I think the transformer is still better due to the keyboard dock.
  • Looks sharp.
  • it's a shame they seem to be following Apple's model of a proprietary port for everything (data, HDmi, charging)
  • So when do we get a release date on the 8.9?
  • It needs to be faster, for sure. Took back the Xoom and then the Transformer because the browsing experience was far too slow. And Honeycomb is immature and unfinished. Got an iPad instead, and in playing with it, much as I hate to say... Android has a lot of catching up to do.
  • I sent back my Xoom mainly because of hardware (screen quality). I've been using an iPad 2 for a week now and have to say I think the Honeycomb browser loaded faster, plus you have the option of flash, and (besides the xoom) you have the option of desktop view. Honeycomb is immature but it gets a lot of things right that Apple doesn't.
  • June 8th can't come fast enough - I am so happy this is shipping with Tegra2 inside (hopefully this is the model they release to production!). -Elo
  • Where is the SD card slot?
  • There isn't any port on this thing!! Thats by FAR my number one complaint here... Ah! IMO, that's the #1 thing Android has going for it over Apple - the decoupling of the tablet from a computer. But to maximize that capability, you need a stinking port of some type. Even MicroUSB would work. Proprietary is fine with me even, if there's at least 1 standard port... Ugh.. Now I have to buy a bunch of dongles and carry those around too. The Asus Transformer definitely has this tablet beat in that area...