No longer can you complain about Android devices not having proper cameras. Polaroid has taken care of that with the SC1630. It's a proper-looking digital camera with an honest to goodness 3x optical zoom, 16MP sensor and Android user interface. The short version is that it's a digital camera with an Android back end. 

The slightly longer version is that you've got a digital camera with an Android 2.x.x back end and a 3.2-inch display. It's got a monster amount of storage -- the unit we played with had about 54GB on board. There's no doubt that you're using Android -- Polaroid hasn't done much to skin it. It's got full access to the Android Market, so you can get in a game of Angry birds before worrying about aperatures. And, yes, it's got Wifi for all the photo sharing you can muster, and cell versions certainly are possible.

It's also got a bevy of camera features, including various scene modes, face detection and a number of sharing options. That, obviously, is where the Android back end comes into play. You get to the camera side of the equation with a little button on top of the device. The lens extends in a couple seconds, and then you hit the giant red shutter to get down to business.

Speaking of getting down to business, we've got our full hands-on after the break. Check 'er out.

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