Hands-on with Motorola's Televation

Motorola made it clear before CES even kicked off that this year's focus would be on connecting your entire home, or "staying unplugged." This morning we got a look at Motorola's approach to making live television accesible in every room: Televation.

Android Central @ CES

It's a handy little system that differs a bit from what we've seen from other manufacturers: instead of streaming content from your main TV, Televation brings cable subscription right to your Xoom or Xyboard tablet. That means that you'll be able to choose what show you want to watch directly from your tablet, as your device will have its own dedicated cable feed. Everything is wireless, and it'll work as long as you've got a WiFi connection. It's built for Moto tablets, but big M says that it's working on making the system available on different manufacturer's device.

If you're still hooked on live TV and prefer appointment viewing to Netflix, Hulu, and DVR, this might be what you've been waiting for.

Anndrew Vacca