Hands-on with the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX

One of our biggest worries in our review of the Motorola Droid RAZR was with the non-removable battery. A 1780 mAh power source that can't be replaced on a power-hungry 4G LTE device is just asking for trouble.

Android Central @ CES

That fear has been addressed with the new Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX. In a nutshell, you've got a slightly thicker Droid RAZR with nearly double the battery life of the orginal RAZR thanks to a 3300 mAh battery. 

Now, normally when you have that kind of capacity, you've also got an unsightly wart or huge humpback that makes you embarrassed to take the phone out of your pocket. But the Droid RAZR MAXX beefs up in style, adding just a milimeter or so of thickness. In fact, if you stare at the two phones long enough, you start to forget which is which.

Otherwise, same old (excellent) RAZR. Hope you early adopters aren't kicking yourselves too much right now.

We've got a full hands-on after the break.

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Phil Nickinson
  • i mean this phone seems for people who use there phone ALOT. who want to play games and do other stuff with it all day. what is really sad to me is this won't even release with ICS ? last time i checked google bought motorola i thought they would be the fastest to the updates in tablets and phones. Asus beat them to the punch in tablets and samsung on phones. I also don't think the razr early adopters will get mad it just has a bigger battery not better screen or processor and people bought the razr for it being THIN.
  • Google does not yet own Moto.
    It takes time, and the EU is sticking their oar in.
  • but maybe the compass will work right on the Maxx as it doesn't on the original Razr... many of them anyway!
  • 1) The RAZR barely makes it thru a day with minimal use
    2) Google bought Motorola MOBILITY, not Motorola. Moto actually makes a wide variety of products
    3) It takes time to integrate 2 companies, it doesn't happen overnight
  • But Motorola mobility makes the phone and set top boxes. Aka the only stuff us here care about.
  • If you really thought that then you just were't paying attention
  • Dear Moto: I want a GSM version. Penta Band please. I think this phone out-classes even the Galaxy Nexus, and as Moto comes more under Google's control it will probably get better treatment than Sammy will give the GNex.
  • That's bullshit. Way to screw all of us that bought one already
  • I felt like you when Razr came out right after I got the Bionic. Happy with my GNexus and extended battery!
  • Every new phone is just an upgraded improvement of a previous phone. If they got rid of the RAZR name and changed the physical design you wouldn't feel this way.
  • Welcome to getting screwed. Image how the us Atrix 4G owners feel. We saw the Atrix 2 come out and it became slightly clearer that the support for the Atrix 4G was going to be dropped. At least they share at lot of the same hardware.
    Real question is will Motorola honor the Google Upgrade alliance (right now signs are saying no)
  • Now you know how Bionic users feel. LOL
  • That's a freaking awesome battery, if only moto didn't lock their phones down so tight.
  • 2 weeks TOPS before someone has this thing rooted. If the release gets pushed back it'll be rooted before it's sold.
  • root =/= unlock
  • Exactly right, I don't like skinned android, need to get AOSP builds on a phone or at least rom options for it to be viable to me :)
  • all phones that come out now need to have that kind of battery
  • that is exactly how i feel. putting in all these capabilities in a phone doesn't mean much if it can't last to do them.
  • @mlhboss, and also be that thin!
  • Locked boot loader and non-removable battery NO THANKS MOTO!
  • This is my new phone. This is my new phone.
  • Hmmm, too bad the screen and camera didn't get a bump up like the Chinese RAZRs My wife is gonna be pissed. She bought the RAZR but was concerned about the battery. Too late to bring back. Verizon should step up and do the right thing like they did with that $2 bill paying fee.
  • I thought you had till like the 25th of this month to return it if you bought a new device during the holidays?
  • I hope that's true. But we still have the problem of an unknown release date for the MAXX. If it's out before the 25th then she may be able to get the new one :)
  • Actually I think it's Jan 15th. Still have the problem of no MAXX unless they release this week. Please release Thursday Verizon.
  • They've told me two or three times now that the last day to return them is on the 14th if they were purchased during the holidays! I don't know if that includes sales between 12/25/11 and 1/1/12 or what but you usually only have 14 days with Verizon anyway!
  • I bought the Razr on 11/29. The receipt says anything bought after 11/15 may be returned until 1/15, subject to a $35 restocking fee. I'm probably bringing the Razr back tomorrow and having them revive my Blackberry until the Maxx gets here.
  • Any idea of a release date i just bought the razr last thursday hope its within my return policy
  • I shouldn't have bought the razr so quickly
  • Phil, Is the larger battery still non-replaceable? I would assume so from the pictures.
  • It looks like they got rid of the camera hump. I HATE that on phones. I wouldn't care if they evened it out and left empty space in the phone casing.. of course, if they can make hardware improvements like this, then that's even better.
  • Actually, I sort of hate to see the hump go. It lets you feel if the phone is upside down by touch. (Which, I suppose, is how you feel most things.)
  • So I don't think anyone has thought that this might be the whole "stay unplugged" thing that Moto was teasing all last week...
  • I love how he said super quick "recently released". As if he was just brushing that shit under the carpet like it was nothing. Absolute bull shit.
  • Wow.. 3300mah?! That's huge and the phone doesnt even look that much bigger.
  • Holy shit 3300 mAh battery and only 8.9mm thickness! I wished my international galaxy s2 did the same thing as this phone which is to make the thickness uniform and add a bigger battery.
  • This shows why the push for the thinnest phone is bullsh*t. The original razr should have this battery but they sacrifice usable battery life for a millimeter of thickness just for bragging rights. Not to mention the thing is so wide and tall that it is just akward to hold. Form follows function. Thickness is NOT the most important item on the spec sheet.
  • So they crammed a phone together for Christmas 2011 (Razr), then they realize it's shit and put a better one together, and Verizon offers it up, convieniantly a couple weeks after their special Christmas trial period ends Jan. 14th for all of the holiday sales! BS... pure BS! And why do all these phones have so many issues? What happened to quality control! Anyway, I'm going to return my Razr tomorrow since the compass doesn't work anyway (Try out Google Sky Maps on your Razr and see what happens!), and either go back to my HTC Thunderbolt for a few weeks or look at the Galaxy Nexus instead because it looks like a better deal anyway!
  • Where does the Bionic fit in with your explanation?
  • Former Razr owners still under the holiday trial period... check this out! If you decide to return your recently purchased Razr, check out your Google Maps / Google Sky Maps app, because if they do not work properly with only the compass enabled (which they don't on most of the Razrs it seems), it is considered defective and Verizon will take it back without the $70 restocking fee they normally charge when you return a phone under the 14-day Trial period. Verified by a Verizon rep on 01/09/12! Just food for thought!
  • The restocking fee for phones is $35. It's $70 for tablets. The holiday buying period is 11/15/11 to 01/15/12
  • Time for a lawsuit....... Users v Moto. Since they most likely had the more powerful battery and a good lawyer know how to make the suit work and win.
  • you bought a phone and you were aware of it's limitations. You obviously couldn't have been that concerned with the battery life since you DIDN'T return the phone given you had every opportunity too.
  • HA! Yeah, good luck with that one. Honestly, this is just further proof why it is completely dumb to be an early adopter of any tech. If you didn't return it in the window you were given, the phone is yours now. Your best bet is to just enjoy what you have & give it a shot again when you are elgible for upgrade again.
  • Just got my Razr on Friday! Heading back to VZ ASAP!!! Swap.
  • for those who got their phones at costco, they sure are going to be very happy. awesome 90 day costco returns.
  • RAZR owners just got played. Smh. That's like if they decided to come out with a thinner, longer lasting HTC Rezound. I'd be pissed. Lol
  • All of you RAZR owners were perfectly happy with your phones until you found out you just got outdated by a phone of the same name. Welcome to the world of cell phones! How do you think the owners of a Bionic felt? And if you all jump on the new RAZR too fast - "fool me twice, shame on me" as the old saying goes.
  • Moto should have added a kickstand and really pissed off all the early adopters. :)
  • Good to see an alternative to the fight for the thinnest phone, likely made possible by the original attempt to make the RAZR as thin as possible. I have been thinking this for a while, adding just a small amount to the thickness of the phone would still leave a device way thinner then most phones a year or so ago but solving most battery issues. I hope to see more manufacturers find a balance of ergonomics and battery duration.
  • I love android and think the razr is a great phone. The release dates on android phones (motorola) is crazy. The iphone owners only have to worry about a new phone once a year. It gives you more peace of mind. Just saying
  • I'd be interested to know what the weight difference is. Also, I read somewhere that when the Razr Maxx comes out it will be $299 and the price of the Razr will drop to $199.
  • Found it. The Razr is 129 grams. The Razr Maxx is 145 grams. So a little heavier, too. Details at Motorola' site: https://www.androidcentral.com/e?link=https2F2Fcli...
  • I just got the razr thursday it is a great and very fast phone. I hade the Droid X2.The battery on my razr is lasting longer than my x2 ever did. I feel that the razer maxx is just another sales pitch. One of the reasons I bought the Razer is because it is thin. The phone is everything they say plus some, I dont have any problem with the battery.
  • I hope this is the beginning of a large battery trend with manufacturers... this could be the initiative they all need.
  • I am returning my Galaxy nexus ( phone sucks ) and getting back my Razr only this time the Maxx !! I loved the original razr but gave that to the wife so I could buy the Galaxy Nexus , HUGE mistake cant wait to get the Razr Maxx tomorrow !!!!!!