The Moga Power Bluetooth controller was unveiled last week, and here at E3 2013 we got some time to try out their latest prototype. It isn't working just yet, but it was still a nice chance to highlight some of the major feature changes. The main addition is a full-sized USB port which allows your mobile device to sup from the Moga Power's local battery. 

This is awesome for folks who might not be able to justify carrying around a dedicated gaming controller, but always have a spare battery on hand. At 1800 mAh, you'll get a decent shot of juice, if not a full charge on a dead phone. At the very least it'll be able to offset the extra drain you'll experience from playing high-octane Android games. There are a lot of great smaller tweaks too: a broadened clip to accommodate phones with cases, charging contacts for docks (which they aren't showing off yet), and a unified on-off switch so you don't have to designate HID pairing specifically. The pocket edition is getting a significant upgrade with a built-in battery, standard joysticks, and additional trigger buttons, while the pro version has new rumble functionality.

What I'm really looking forward to is the multiplayer support; there's something awfully compelling about being able to pair up a whole bunch of hardware controllers to an Android device that's plugged directly into a TV. The only trick at that point is finding games that support true local multiplayer, but it shouldn't be hard to convince developers if the hardware is there to support it - the same goes for the Pro Power controller's new rumble function.

The PowerA guys talked a bit about the convergence of mobile and console gaming, which was a pretty heated topic from Talk Mobile last week. Strong controllers were often cited as a reason consoles would never fall to mobile gaming, but products like Moga could very well change that.