Hands-on with Incipio Ghost 220 wireless charger

The Incipio Ghost 220 provides wireless charging to two of your Qi-enabled devices, plus a third over a generic USB port. The base is wide enough to squeeze a Samsung Galaxy S6 and a tablet like the Nexus 7 side-by-side and charging. Individual indicator lights along the bottom show when a device is charging.

This was my first wireless charging base, and as a deskside companion, it has single-handedly eliminated the issue of middling battery life on the Galaxy S6. Keeping a phone plugged in for even a part of the day is just a little too much of an inconvenience to bother, but a wireless charging pad ensures that when I'm ready to head out after work, the S6 is good to go.

The 2.5A current on the USB port is strong enough to power a full-sized tablet in addition to whatever's on the wireless pads. Backup batteries, iOS devices, or just another handset are all viable. I found this was a good place to put my spare multi-input USB cable to use.

In terms of sheer style, the Ghost 220 is simple and understated. The LEDs aren't too bright, making them practical for bedside use. Pads underneath make sure the whole affair stays in one spot, even on sleek tabletops. The polished top surface may be a bit of an issue for phones with glass backs like the Samsung Galaxy S6, since it leaves little friction and noticeable floating effect, but it's nothing deal-breaking. The rakish angle at the front is a nice little touch of style, but on the whole, this charging base can fit in just about anywhere.

Whether it physically fits is another issue; you'll need a spot that's big enough for at least two phones, and potentially a third if you want to make use of that USB charger. It will also need to be a fairly communal area, assuming you don't have more than one wireless gadget to charge and someone else in the house intends on using it.

The verdict

For a house full of newer gadgets, the Incipio Ghost 220 can make sure they're all ready to rock at a moment's notice. For just one person with one phone, it's a little overkill and you may be better off with something like Belkin's single charging pad. For any other situation, the Ghost 220 performs admirably. Pick it up from ShopAndroid for $74.95.

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  • That price is crazy, especially with fast charging qi chargers on the way Posted via Android Central App
  • Emm...fast charging will work with exsisting chargers silly boy.
    The price is still nuts Posted via My G2
  • Why don't these chargers have a slanted design so they can double as a desktop dock? The little Nexus 4 orb thingy did this, but was practically useless since it had no mechanism to keep the phone from sliding right off.
  • Sounds like someone's on to a good idea. Posted via the Android Central App