Iconia Tab A510

Lurking inside the Nvidia booth here at CES are some high-profile devices not getting much fanfare, one such being the Acer Iconia Tab A510. Its purpose at the booth is to show off just how powerful the Tegra 3 processor truly is, but we couldn't help giving it the ole fashioned shakedown. Hit the break for full impressions.

Acer is pulling out the big guns for the follow up to its OG Iconia line, and if the Iconia A500 was any indication, Acer knows exactly what its doing. The successor to the A500, the A510 is a nice evolutionary step, and is packed with a ton of power in a really nice package. Inside it's got a Tegra 3 quad-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz that continues to blow me away. It's also packing Ice Cream Sandwich that is as smooth as can be when paired with Nvidia's new chipset. 

Android Central @ CES

Aesthetically speaking, the a510 is by no means a "thin and light" tablet. Rather, it's got some girth and heft to it, which translates to a truly solid feel. You're not going to worry about snapping this one in half. Up front you've got a nice 10.1-inch display at 1280x800 resolution, a bit shy of the crazy-nice 1920x1200 resolution display on the A510's big brother, the A700

Acer can make a solid tablet and the A510 is no exception. It's got the guts to perform and the package to stand up on its own. We'll see how well it performs in day-to-day usage, but from what I gathered from my short and sweet time with the tablet, it'll be something to keep your eye open for. 

Iconia Tab A510Iconia Tab A510Iconia Tab A510Iconia Tab A510Iconia Tab A510Iconia Tab A510Iconia Tab A510Iconia Tab A510