Griffin Moto X car dock.

Now that we've taken a look at the official Griffin Desktop Dock for the Moto X, it's time to turn our attention to the Griffin Moto X Car Dock. This one's also a pretty simple affair. You get the dock that affixes to either your dash (via the included plastic disc) or windshield — and that's it. No charger, no cables — just a dock to hold your phone and keep it (and you, hopefully) safe and usable in your car.

Inserting your phone into the dock is easy enough, though you'll want to take your time to make sure things fit properly. Start on the end with the microUSB plug, and make sure things are situated. Then ease in the top of the phone. There's enough pressure from that end of the dock to make things stay fast, and there are little rubber tabs on the inside of the dock (you can see them in this picture) that give it some grip over the phone.

And that, basically, is that.

Like we said — if you do want to plug this guy in so it'll charge your phone, you'll need to provide your own cord. (I'm still using this dual-charger from HTC.) It plugs into the base of the dock and then powers your phone. 

The Griffin dock is properly pinned to activate the "driving mode" on the Moto X — so it'll start reading text messages and incoming call info aloud or send automatic replies. Thing is, there's not a built-in dedicated car app, so you'll need to find your own if you want to use one. (We're partial to Car Home Ultra.)

Touchless Control still works — so you can issue commands to your Moto X just by speaking.

Again, it's an easy, good-looking car dock. The ball joint gives proper movement and viewing angles. You insert and remove the phone with ease — just take your time when lining up the USB plug. And running power into the dock is easy, with the port in good spot at the rear of the dock. A good $39.95 spent, we say. You can pick one up directly from Motorola or from Griffin.


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