Griffin Dock for Moto X.

A simple and effective desktop dock for the Moto X


Here's a quick look at the official Griffin desktop dock for the Moto X. This is about as simple as it comes, folks. You get a desktop dock on which you place your phone for charging (and syncing, if that's your thing). The phone sits top the microUSB plug just as you'd expect, with a vertical back adding some stability. For power, there's a microUSB port in the back of the dock.

That's it, really. Connecting the phone automatically launches Daydreams — Android's screensaver app, basically — and Touchless Control still works great, so you can bark orders to your phone while it's sitting there.

The base of the dock is beefy, but the phone is going to rock forward and aft a little bit when you touch the screen. To that end, the microUSB plug will tilt forward a few degrees, so you don't have to worry about breaking anything.

All in all, a nice, simple dock, though we'd prefer a full 5-foot cable and a wall wart that doesn't sit horizontally (small complaints, though). But it also will work with some cases still attached to the phone.

You can pick one up directly from Motorola or from Griffin for $39.95. Be sure to swing by our Moto X Accessories section while you're here.


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