Fusion Garage announces new Grid 10 tablet - Runs on Android kernel, includes crazy custom UI

We've been hearing plenty about the Grid 10 from TabCo as of late but as suspected -- it was nothing more then a fake company created by the folks at Fusion Garage. Yes, the folks who made the JooJoo. As it turns out, they're making use of the Android kernel on their newly announced Grid 10 tablet. But don't call it Android -- sure, it can run Android apps from anywhere but don't call it that.

The folks at Fusion Garage aren't even sure Android is popular, and they believe that Android tablets are all the same. So they've gone ahead and created Grid OS as they call and not only will it power their tablet but it will also power a new phone they've developed.

The phone will come in a 16GB costing you $399 US in Q4 while the tablet, running Grid 10 OS will be available for $499 with WiFi only and $599 with 3G connectivity options in place, any takers?