Grab your sonic and go for an adventure with these Doctor Who wallpapers!

It's one of the touchstones of fandom, a franchise that renews and reinvents itself for its audience just as its main character regenerates every few years. Whether you're a fan of fezzes and bow ties or attack eyebrows, or if you're still pining after Ten, Doctor Who has something for everyone, and that includes wallpapers.

The Lonely Doctor

This wallpaper is so warm, so inviting, so comforting… and yet so sad. It's a reminder that the Doctor walks in eternity, and as was said in the last season: "Immortality isn't living forever. That's not what it feels like. Immortality is everybody else dying." The Doctor has seen and cared for and even loved so many, yet he always ends up alone — just a mad man with a box, running away from that pain and that loneliness. That means this isn't exactly a happy wallpaper, but it's been a small reminder to me to cherish the people I surround myself with.

The Lonely Doctor by T3ch82


I'm gonna make a confession here: Matt Smith was the first Doctor I could get into. (ducks and hides) I couldn't help it, Ten was just so… moody, so dramatic, so heavy. Matt Smith's Doctor was younger in appearance but felt more matured, more vibrant, more full of life.

He also had a penchant for thinking out-of-style accessories were cool. Fezzes are cool, bowties are cool, suspenders are cool. Sure, they are, Doctor…. Sure they are.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor by alicexz

That coat. That hair. That sonic!

Twelve has been a dramatic shift from the previous two Doctors, and while it takes a while to warm up to him, he's a Doctor worth knowing beneath the gruff exterior and the attack eyebrows. (My god, the attack eyebrows!) And while there are several amazing details in this wallpaper, the one that calls out to me and my jacket-loving mind is that luscious red lining to his coat. I just wanna steal it and run away with it… hopefully with his shiny new sonic in the pocket.

The 12th Doctor. by spidermonkey23

The most constant character in Doctor Who is not the Daleks, not even The Doctor himself: it's his TARDIS. The TARDIS may undergo some slight redecorating between Doctors, but it's still that fabulous blue Police Box, bigger on the inside and capable of traversing (almost all of) time and space. This lusciously dark wallpaper highlights the TARDIS's iconic outline against a magnificent nebula deep in the darkest corners of the universe, and reminds us that no matter how dark the universe may seem, the TARDIS and The Doctor it carries within will light it up with hope and insane plans.

TARDIS Wallpaper - Black Edition. by MrGrandhighmonkey

It's the attack eyebrows

These wallpapers are a little smaller than I usually want, but for a text wallpaper, they scale well. Doctor Who has amazing action and truly awesome visuals, but it also has a lot of quotable dialog. Twelve and Clara in particular had had quite a lot of gems, like this wallpaper, which is as true as anything the Doctor has ever said. Those attack eyebrows get away with the most ridiculous of schemes. As a bonus, if you want a Doctor Who wallpaper that will keep you motivated heading into election day, this one is perfect.

Eyebrows by inkandstardust

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