Keep your cool with these chill polar bear wallpapers

Polar bears are nature's most adorable killing machines. These pristine, cuddly white bears will absolutely kill you given the chance, and not because they're a bunch of Coke addicts. These wallpapers are ready to lure you in, but don't get too cozy! Otherwise, they might end your misery with their cute claws and shiny teeth. Ready for these white wonders? Let's get to them!

I need a nap.

Are you exhausted? Because I'm exhausted. 2016 has really been a rough one, hasn't it? I just wanna lay my head down and grab a nap. This polar bear? He gets it. It's nap time. And even if I can't escape work for some zzzzzz's on a nice snowy glacier, this wallpaper fills me with the calm of a nap and gives me back a little of the energy I'd've gained from one.

Can I get a giant yawn?

Polar Bear by rwgp


Yes. Yes, I can get a giant yawn.

Panda and Polar Bear is one of my favorite UK comics, with lots of heart and light-hearted humor about a Panda married to a Polar Bear. If you haven't yet, check out their webcomic site and collections on Google Play, and treat yourself to adorable wit and whimsy about cats, beer, and the internet

Roar vs. Yawn

Minimal polar bear

This minimal wallpaper is ready for your material icon packs and your love. Bright and simple, this wallpaper fits perfectly on work devices as well as personal, adding a look of order and sophistication.

Polar Bear by fenguin

Look, the sky's awake!

A blob of white adorability among the aurora and the stars… now this is a wallpaper I can stare at for hours. Busy or minimal, this is a wallpaper that works with all kinds of users, and it'll last you all winter!

Polar bear by m-a-r-i

I need a Coke

C'mon, I can't do a polar bear roundup this close to the holidays without these guys! Heck, these adorable, soda-addicted bears are my spirit animals: we both like to bundle up in cold weather and no matter how cold it is, we're always down for an ice-cold Coca-Cola. Matter of fact, I think I hear one calling me right now.

Coca-Cola Polar Bears

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