Google 'Ultra Pixel' phone rumored to ditch navigation keys, have dual cameras (Update: fake)

Update September 30: This story turned out to be a hoax by YouTuber BRECCIA. He's apparently looking for work if anyone would like to hire someone to deceive your clients.

Original article below:

Google's Pixel 2 event next Wednesday will be here before we know it, and alongside the highly anticipated Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, we're also expecting Google to show off a Home Mini, and Pixelbook to go alongside its latest flagship smartphones. However, according to a new rumor that just popped up, Google is also working on an even more premium handset in the form of the Google Pixel Ultra.

Arun Maini from the YouTube channel Mrwhosetheboss uploaded a video in which he talks about an email that he received from an anonymous source. In this email, Maini's source sent him images and videos that supposedly reveal a Pixel Ultra phone that we haven't heard about up until now.

The photo that shows off the Ultra Pixel the most is that of a laptop with a screenshot of what appears to be a promo image. It shows off the front of the Ultra Pixel with very slim top and side bezels (similar to what we're expecting from the Pixel 2 XL), along with professional-looking artwork and wallpaper to match.

Next to the phone itself, we see branding that reads "Ultra pixel" and underneath "Phone by Google." The font used looks to be right in line with what Google's been using for other marketing material, but the lowercase "p" for "Ultra pixel" is an oddity. This could be a typo on Google's end, or it could be a sign that this whole image is entirely fake. You can watch Maini's video to be the judge yourself, but what we're seeing here does look legitimate.

The Ultra Pixel might feature dual-cameras and a fingerprint scanner under the display.

Maini continues on in his video to say that the Ultra Pixel will have a dual-camera system (something we're not expecting in the Pixel 2 or 2 XL ) and a "new kind of fingerprint scanner." We don't have any concrete info to judge just what this means, but there is the chance that this means Google will be implementing a fingerprint scanner that's embedded under the display of the Ultra Pixel. Technology like this does exist, but we've yet to see it in a mass-produced consumer handset. It's not necessarily impossible for Google to pull off something like this, but the likelihood of it happening is still up in the air.

Lastly, and perhaps the most interesting, the Ultra Pixel will supposedly do away with Android's Back, Home, and Recent navigation buttons in favor of a system that's based purely on gestures. Another photo that Maini received shows a swipe up gesture on the Ultra Pixel to access the phone's multitasking screen, and in another instance, we see a screenshot of three phones next to each other with the text "The future of Android is Fluid."

What does all of this mean? It's entirely possible that Google is working on an Ultra Pixel phone to be released alongside the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, with the Ultra Pixel being the company's true flagship for 2017. This is identical to what Apple just did with the iPhone X, and with Google's intent to beat Apple and its own game, we wouldn't be surprised at all by a move along these lines.

As for the removal of Android's navigation buttons, that's a different story. I don't doubt that we'll see a drastic change in the way we interact with the Android OS at some point in the near future, but seeing as how this is the first time we've ever heard of such a proposal, I'm inclined to believe that the navigation buttons will be staying where they've been for all these years — at least this time around.

Thankfully, we only have to wait until next Wednesday to stop with all of the speculation.

Tom Westrick
  • Imho: fake fake fake fake
  • I'm skeptical. Apple and Samsung couldn't figure out fingerprint scanning under glass this year.
  • To be fair Apple has not in a number of years figured anything out before Samsung.
  • Absolutely right, they play very safe.
  • I'm pretty sure Apple were ready to roll with it but couldn't get it produced in sufficient numbers by any suppliers. Pixel doesn't sell nearly as many phones so that may not be an issue for Google
  • @ whoamanwtf, Apple moves in its on pace. Doesn't rush in reacting to what Samsung does or Google. However, that can't be said for Samsung and Google. Whatever moves Apple does everyone reacts. Samsung is constantly reacting to whatever Apple has done or is rumored to be doing. If you look back you will see how many ideas /features /designs heck even colours that Apple has done that Samsung reacted to in doing. Just recently Google with ARCORE is reaction to ARKit. The fact that Apple was in the works of a completely new overhaul in its design for this year Samsung reacted by removing the home button to make more screen. Again, it's a pretty big coincidence that Samsung decided to remove the button and try embedding the sensor. This was all in the works with Apple for some time. The fact is Apple actually plans ahead unlike Samsung who just reacts /follows Apple right after or trying to do it first to make it look like Apple is just following and is no longer innovative. And now because Apple got rid of their physical home button and has gone gesture based doesn't surprise me now Google will be reacting and following with in similar way with their Android OS. Just like Samsung could have removed the home button yrs ago but didn't bec Apple still had it until they were rumored to be removing it and go all /almost all screen. Google could have ditched the navigation buttons too years ago but is now reacting to Apple. Everyone reacts to Apple bec they re biggest and most influential company out there and they re trying to compete with them, be at like them or do it bef them.
  • Apple does react to it's competition. They just react 3-4 years later.
  • They'd be like " We don't keep up, we set our pace."
  • Google had Tango before apple had ARKit. And it's funny how you think phone companies make phones in a month or 2 before release. Rumors about apple going all screen started after the iPhone 7 (this year). But You said Samsung reacted by removing the home button to create more screen. Are u serious? So before the iPhone 7 came out, Samsung reacted to iPhone x by designing their phone (S8) with more screen and an onscreen navigation? In reality, Samsung obviously started designing the S8 before the iPhone 7 came out. Even the facial recognition (Iris scanner) on the Note 7 was also inspired by Apple too right? Good luck believing Apple copies no one and only Apple plans ahead. Why don't u check software and see how much Apple has copied.
  • Yes, Tango was out way before ARkit. Google rethought project Tango with ARcore. Rumors of Apple doing a complete redesign for this year's phone (iphone X) had already started after the iphone 6s's were released and even before. (From Tues Sept 13, 2016) This article already says it all about Apple going all screen /edge to edge and removal of the home button way before Samsung! Yes, Apple copies too no denying there. Heck Android was originally based on being like Palm, BlackBerry, Nokia. Once iOS /iphone was released they had to rethink their direction and started basing Android off Apple. Obviously Android has evolved since then.
  • Not true. Google innovated with the camera in the Pixel with computers doing the legwork over the physical camera, and now everyone is trying to catch up. Fingerprint scanner on the back, Samsung put theirs in the back.
  • Samsung did nothing to the S8/S8+/Note 8 that Apple did with the iPhone 7/7 Plus. You're reaching a bit far for something that's not there.
  • They introduced the S8 Plus to directly match Apple's Plus sized iPhone's. There's one thing
  • Samsung had the Note Series way before the IPhone Plus models were launched...Apple reacted to consumers going to larger devices by making one themselves.
  • Yes Apple reacted to going bigger screens but not so immediately obvious like 6 months or years later. Took them like 3-4 yrs later and they went with their own look. Samsung had the plus name first but dropped it like yrs ago. Apple started the regular version and bigger version called plus. Samsung already had their regular version and their bigger version called the Note. So adding a Plus version is just another example of them following Apple.
  • You can't be serious?
  • You think a company can just react in a year? It doesn't work that way actually. This stuff is thought out years in advance for pete's sake. You know how R&D works kid?
  • Fingerprint under the glass was to replace a fingerprint on the bottom bezel. Google's been doing fingerprint scanners on the back all along - and nobody's complaining. So why put in an expensive new method that likely doesn't work as well - and that you can't locate by feel.
  • Nope. Not too keen on gestures
  • Yeah, I hate that. Soooo many times on browsers or Facebook, just trying to scroll I end up going back a page. It's annoying as h#ll
  • I like gestures... And use them - but I still at the moment prefer buttons for navigation.
  • Give more gestures..but this looks fake. I really doubt there will be a third phone.
  • yeah not buying this one
  • If the Pixel Ultra (sporting dual cameras and the newest tech) is Google's true flagship for 2017, then why the heck is the XL rumored to be between $849 and $949? Just how much is this Ultra supposed to cost?? Nevermind the fact that they just scooped up 1,000 employees from HTC and the "Ultra" is being tossed around. We see what HTC did with Ultra.
  • Well, Apple's flagship this year is the iPhone X, but the 256GB iPhone 8 Plus costs $930. So...:shrug:
  • This is going to be interesting. I guess we will find out here shortly how this will play out - fact or fiction.
  • The real reason Google got So they can use the Ultra Pixel name
  • I'm not sure of the rumor of the Ultra Pixel but something's stand out to me. What if with the HTC squeeze technology you can activate Google Assistant and then get to do things like Bixby without having to say okay Google. Then uses gestures on the screen without keys. That would be interesting. I don't think the under the screen scanner will be released this year. If Google does release a version of that next week, I will definitely be getting the next Pixel. I look forward to the release.
  • Probably a slide talking about the camera (HTC has used ultra pixel to describe it's camera for years). Or maybe the screen (talking about edge to edge of the XL).
  • I seriously hope that Google doesn't copy Apple's move and get rid of all navigation buttons. They're there for good reason, and moving everything to gestures just makes it more difficult for new users to learn how to use.
  • Apple does not have navigation button
  • Never did as you said except for just one button. Now they're OS is all gestured based.
  • My point is that iPhones are bad enough with no back button. Now they've taken away the home button, and I suspect that the Apple faithful will quickly get used to the new gestures. But for any new user, it will be annoying, and either way it will be even worse. A tall screen without a back button and a home button makes no sense. I certainly hope Google doesn't go in that direction.
  • Apple doesn't need a back button, a swipe to the right on the screen takes you back. A swipe to the right takes you forward a page. It works really well.
  • I disagree. It works well in a very limited number of apps. I used an iPhone 7 Plus for several months as a work phone. The swiping was sporadic, working primarily in Apple's apps, but not in many 3rd party apps. I missed the back button every day. I had to use 2 hands just to reach the top left. Having such a large phone where all the icons are force alligned to the top, and the hamburger menus are in the top, the swiping is sporadic, and you have to double tap the home button to bring the screen down is bad enough. Now they don't even have the home button. As someone who has used both extensively, I think both OS' have tons of merits. But this to me was one of the most glaringly stupid issues with the iPhone.
  • I never use the physical home button on my IPhone, in use raise to wake and the assistive touch button which brings up options for multitasking, screenshot, lock screen etc.
  • Isn't the assistive touch button annoying when it's always on the screen? It's an accessibility feature. If you need it, fair enough, but I don't see how it would make life much easier. Either way, an accessibility feature shouldn't be the thing that makes a phone usable.
  • No it's just like a floating navigation bar. You don't even notice it after a while.
  • Either way.... I want it ;-)
  • Maybe it's an HTC Ultra that's been pixeled??
  • Why does the picture in the laptop look like something from paranoid Android
  • They all in cahoots or what?
  • Where's the notch? With Google falling over themselves to directly compete with the iPhone surely they'd remember to add the notch at the top. Side note - Is there such a thing as restless arm syndrome? If so, the guy in that video has it.
  • Motorola took out the navigation buttons on the G5 - 5 plus, X4, the Z's and E's!! You can use the fingerprint scanner on the bottom as a navigational button. I love mine, there's more screen for a lot less money!!
  • This intrigues me very much.
  • Da fuq? Here I was geared up with my eyes and wallet on the XL 2 and now I have about a week to come up with at least another 200 to 300 bucks because it's basically guaranteed to be over $1000..... plus tax.... No. No way. I'll never spend a GRAND on a stupid phone. Arrrgggghhhh.... but on the other hand, it looks sooooo sexy.... Decisions, decisions.... Damn you Google!!!
  • LOL Your not alone. I'm watching the bait swing in front of me - and it has my full attention. Sigh...
  • It's most likely fake, so don't worry about it!
  • If a 3rd phone exists, Google has made a great effort to lock that info up as tight as possible, especially if an under-the-screen fingerprint sensor is involved. Reason being, if for some reason they wouldn't be able to get that technology to market by launch date, they don't want people to know they failed to do so. Impressions are everything in this business. I have seen many leaks over the years and this one seems to tickle me the right way, I think it's legit. I guess we'll find out soon enough, eh? I'm willing to wager $10 on it if you are! Lol
  • Damn, I was wrong.....I retract that wager!!! LOL
  • "All talk, no action, sounds good, doesn't work, never going to happen". This phrase best describes this rumor hahahaha
  • Could this be the phone with the project Soli chip to give you gestures to navigate the phone? If it is, or if this hone is real, I will be getting it for sure. Sorry regular Pixel. Lol
  • It's happening, we can finally attach a bluetooth sensor on our head and navigate with our minds.
  • I’m really skeptical about the truthfulness of this. But it would be cool! Unless or until a “Surface” device emerges that is viable as a phone*, the rest of my life will likely be spent leaping at semi-random intervals between iOS and Android, liking both for different reasons, and eventually getting sick enough of either one to bring myself to deal with the inconenience to make the Switch. I'm on iOS right now, and am definitely tempted to make the switch to Android. But with the iPhoneX, I'm likely to stay with Apple this round unless the Pixels just totallu blow me out of the water. I'm a big phone guy, so Pixel 2 is out, but Pixel 2 XL is in the running...only it's a MAJOR underdog for me to the X. Now, while I think this Ultra Pixel thing is almost definitely sheer BS, it does sound rad, and would probably be just the thing to maybe swing the pendulum back in Android's favor for me, which to be honest, I really kinda want. Therefore, my final word on the matter is: "I think it's bullcrap....and hope to hell that I'm wrong!" Cheers! *=should that actually happen (and I'm qualifying my terms here on purpose because I know too just how unlikely that is), you can bet that the very first chance I get, I'm saying so long to the both of you - cheerfully, GLEEFULLY leaving BOTH iOS AND Android totally in the dust behind me in favor of Windows! Sayonara guys! :-)
  • I like!!!! Would be waiting to get the P2XL now.
  • Good way to get rid of burn in that is most obvious on Android with the navigation bar now that companies all seem to think oled screens are better than quality ips screens.
  • Looks like an Autumn 2018 phone to me! Can't see a release before then. Better get saving up!
  • I feel sorry for people who believed it was real. It's going to be a hard life for anyone that gullible
  • Just another crap story to get hits for the website. How about you guys actually research what the **** you post before you post it.
  • A lot of sources reported this. Not just AC.
  • So I saw the title was updated to say fake, but I didn't actually read anything that addressed this. Granted I only skimmed the article lol.
  • The article didn't update on the AC app, had to go to the website to see the short update at the beginning of the article.
  • Thanks for the info!
  • I'm seeing it updated in the AC app. I only update manually, and right now the articles are 2-3 days old. That didn't happen with a Russell Holly article, I think he updated the article to apologize about something he wrote about USB C on a battery pack, but it was only reflected in the comments. OTOH, when I refreshed the AC app, it didn't seem to load the article texts, only the titles. I couldn't read the articles offline until I scrolled through to get the app to load the text. Pretty dumb to have such lazy loading if you ask me, I'd rather use the app mostly offline.
  • Love this oh so informative article, of the tumors of the Local Ultra are fake..WAIT The other "RUMOR" of the Pixel Ultra isn't fake.. The FIRST guy is fake.. The *second* guy isn't fake.
    Quality reporting at its worst!!
  • Either way it was funny
  • I just want to see a dual camera pixel.
  • Fake News
  • Yep. As real as Donald trumps administration
  • Of course you had to add politics to it
  • Im calling it now, pixel phones will have mega pixel cameras, thanks to htc.....that's why they will also have the squeezable side bezels and LG's bezel-less displays...each company will provide features and a hard to put in each phone
  • They already do, basically. "UltraPixel" was just a brand name for HTC's 1.4μm-pixel sensor, which were much larger than you saw in other smartphone cameras at the time. The pixels on the Pixel (ugh, this sentence) are actually 1.55μm on the back and 1.4μm on the front.
  • Let's see if this is real it's going to be funny to see how everyone that jumped the gun and called it fake look lol
  • That sounds and looks like BB10.
    This is what BlackBerry QNX software was based on.. Fluid and gestures...I think I will go back to BB10... Definitely, Maybe...
  • How about you update your front page reference to this article to indicate that you've updated it to being fake - or just pull the article? Leaving it up without any indication that you know that it's a fake means you're knowingly posting click-bait. It may have been a legitimate article to start but now that it's known to be false it isn't. If you still want traffic for it, you could rewrite the article to discuss the fraud more and put an appropriate headline/description on the front page.
  • Love the Update LOL
  • Super excited that the journalists on this site vet their sources well. Then when they get burned, they blame the "source".