Google's new Files Go app offers easy storage management and file transfers

Google Files Go
Google Files Go

Update 11/9/2017 – Google's Ceasar Sengupta announced that Files Go is back on the Play Store! Check it out at the link below 👀

Google's no stranger when it comes to creating apps to try new things and test out unexplored waters, and in this latest move from the company, a new application called "Files Go" recently made its way to the Play Store as part of an early access program before quickly being removed.

Files Go is being marketed as a "smart storage manager, and its main purpose is to help you easily see which files/apps are on your device and what ones you can delete so you can quickly free up precious storage.

Upon opening the app, you'll be met with two main home screens – Storage and Files. The Storage page is where you'll go to see how much storage is being used of the available space on your device, and you'll also have quick links for cleaning application caches and deleting any photos, videos, or applications that Files Go thinks you should remove.

On the Files page, you can browse through all of your phone's content by downloads, received files, images, videos, audio, and documents. Below these tabs, you'll be able to send and receive files via Bluetooth to other people that also have the Files Go app – no Internet connection required.

Although anyone can technically download and use Files Go, the app is part of Google's "Go" series of services. As such, it's targeted specifically at users in developing markets with slower internet speeds and smaller allowances of bandwidth.

You can download the Files Go APK here, and as long as you're running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later, you should be good to go. However, seeing as how the app's release notes mention that this is an "early dev build", you should expect a fair amount of bugs.

Joe Maring

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