Google has fixed an issue with Lenovo Smart Displays stuck in update loop

Update, October 2: Google has now issued a server-side update to fix the problem. Here's the statement:

The bug was quickly fixed Monday, which was caused by and issue on the server side issue. Devices should receive their software update without any additional steps from users. If their device was unplugged, users should resume set up steps as normal.

The original article is below.

What you need to know

  • Lenovo Smart Displays are experiencing an issue with an update sending them into a continuous boot loop.
  • Some users have had luck with resetting the device using the Home app.
  • Google is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

Lenovo was the first to the market with a Google Assistant smart display. It offered two different convenient sizes and an attractive modern design. Our own Daniel Bader was particularly impressed, calling it "an outstanding thoughtful bit of hardware."

Unfortunately, over the past couple of weeks, many users have been reporting issues with the device on Twitter and the Lenovo product forums. The problem appears to have started with a failed update which sends the Smart Display into a continuous loop after it reaches 45%.

To make matters worse, several have stated these are brand new units that were just purchased. That's not a very positive first experience to have as a customer.

While there is no official fix at the moment, some users have had luck with resetting the Smart Display using the Home app without changing any of the default settings.

The good news, is that a Lenovo employee has chimed in on the thread to let users know that Google is aware of the issue and it has been classified as "top priority." At the same time, there is still no word on when a fix can be expected.

Just checking in with you guys to let you know that the issue has been classified as top priority and Google are on it. For the time being the only course of action is to wait for the team to roll out a fix, I apologize about the inconvenience and hope that this is sorted out as soon as possible.Please make sure to leave your device plugged in and to avoid resetting or unplugging as this might delay incoming fix.For those whose device got out of the loop, I kindly encourage you to please send feedback from the device using #Update Loop

Since Lenovo simply makes the hardware, there isn't much the company can do at this point besides waiting on Google to diagnose the issue and push out a fix. Hopefully, with it being marked as a top priority affected users will see a fix rolling out soon.

Jason England