Google VP of Mobile Technology to Give Keynote at Sprint's Mobile Developer Conference

Whoa, this came out of left field. Remember Sprint CEO Dan Hesse saying that Android simply wasn't good enough yet? And do you remember Sprint's wishy-washy position on Android since then? Well then why oh why is Google's VP of Mobile Technology, Rich Miner, giving the keynote at Sprint's mobile developer conference on December 12th? Is something a brewing?

Here at Android Central we've gone over the fact that Sprint needs Android (only a little less than pounding the fact that Motorola needs Android). Sprint has been bleeding customers and Android is the new shiny toy that EVERYONE is excited about. Common sense would point to Sprint being an early adopter of Android, no? So if the Google VP of Mobile Technology delivers the keynote to YOUR developer conference...yeah, we think something is definitely a brewing.

Sprint Sony Ericsson Android Device, anyone?


Casey Chan