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The Google Voice app for Android received a nice update today, so for all those looking for Froyo from Google I/O but were bummed it didn't get pushed to you today, at least you can check out this update. The last update that this application received was a rather large one with the message syncing, which gave nearly instant notification of SMS, and this features has been further improved in the latest build. In addition to the refinement of this feature, they have added the ability to turn on and off SMS forwarding from the application, as well as fix a few other bugs. One great new feature is that now in the notification pull down, it says who the SMS is from, instead of "1 Google Voice Message" like it used to. Overall, nothing earth shattering, but a very solid release with some great new features. [Google Mobile]

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  • I got the update - when you say sms forwarding enabled or disabled from the app, do you mean forwarding to email? Because I see forward via sms (which was there in the previous build), but not forward to email. I'm disappointed as the notifications are still not instant without forwarding to email(which creates double notifications for sms). Am I missing something? I don't see anything visibly new here (build is .3.4)
  • do you have synchronize inbox checked? if so, the notifications should be rather instant.
  • Yes. I have synchronize inbox checked. By rather instant, do you mean within a minute or 2? Because yes, I get them within a minute or 2 - but with email forwarding enabled (and regular sms for that matter), I get them within seconds - which is how sms should be imo.
  • i dont notice the delay like that, then again, waiting a minute for a free text, thats perfectly acceptable in my books. it is still beta afterall, not really public, so there will be kinks in the operation.
  • I agree completely. I'm disappointed that it's not instant in the way the carrier based sms is, but I'm not complaining (even though it read like that I'm sure) - just curious what others are seeing. And while it is 'free', I think Google has a business plan in mind when they seemingly give stuff away. My guess is that in the short term, they increase overall SMS usage, increasing the value of SMS plans and fees for carriers (if you choose to use sms features in products such as forwarding in GV, Maps, etc). Long term - offset the prices of data by incorporating it all into a google data package who's price is offset by search / ad revenue. Just a thought.
  • Glad I waited til today to activate my GV account and set up my number. Judging from your post, the last version would have bothered me enough to give up on GV. But after I saw that update, I decided to check it out and am loving it so far. Glad I was able to finally snag an invite. Texting on the computer is so much easier than texting on my phone.
  • give me your email
  • I already have Google Voice. I got an invite like a week ago, but I just decided to set it up today after realizing I wasn't getting my voicemails. Glad I finally did.
  • Might anyone have an extra GV invite to share? I would offer a Wave invite in return, though yesterday's announcement obsoleted that gesture. Thanks in advance!
  • give me your email i will send u invite
  • Thanks, roman08225!
  • sent, enjoy!
  • Thanks for sharing the wealth!
  • How can i buy credit from Droid Inc or GV??? or do i have to log in from PC and buy credits (to make international calls, i keep logging in and buying credits)
  • How do I stop GV going Into my gmail. I like the notification info in the bar
  • do you have it set to forward sms to email?
  • Is have to look don't see that setting in the app
  • Do it online. I rushed online to fix that because I was getting 3 different notifications (GV, email, and SMS) for one voicemail.
  • were do you get the update
  • *Sigh* The wait continues to hope it comes to canada at some point.
  • I have no idea how google voice is working , I wish I could use it but It's based on invites and there is no body to invite me lol so I just have to check my email maybe google send me one :D
  • Anybody got an invite for a newby?
    Much appreciated!
  • I'm not sure if this bothered anyone else, but the SMS Forwarding was unchecked n my account. I was receiving SMS to my Google Voice app (I use Handcent), but i have the notifications turned off and had no idea I was getting them. It took me about thirty minutes to figure out the box was unchecked. I don't know why Google would have it off by default.
  • I'd like to be able to know when someone is calling my Google Voice number and when someone is calling my regular T-Mobile number. Right now, both incoming calls look the same on my Nexus One. Strangely, when making a call using Google Voice, it does have the Google Voice logo on the dialing screen. Why can't they show this on the incoming call screen?
  • Change the 'Caller ID (in)' setting: "By default, Google Voice displays the caller ID of your caller. You can also choose to display your Google number as the caller ID, so you know you received the call on your Google number."
  • I am willing to trade a Voice invite with anybody who can give me a Wave invite. Send me an email
  • Psst... Wave is open to the public now. You don't need an invite. :)
  • would any one happen to have an extra invite? it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Can anyone help with a Google Voice invite please...I'm trying to use it as a platform for a non-for-profit church and I'm getting desperate to get an invite. Please