The Google Search app tests a change that we've all been waiting for

Google Search Lifestyle 2
Google Search Lifestyle 2 (Image credit: Chris Wedel / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has been spotted testing new designs and positions for the search bar in the Google app.
  • One design puts the user's thumbnail into the search bar at the top of the app.
  • Another keeps the current design but with the search bar moved to the bottom of the display.

The Google Search app appears to be testing new looks and locations for its search bar, according to some users in the Google News Telegram (via Mishaal Rahman).

According to the images, the new design could incorporate the user thumbnail into the right-most section of the search bar. This appears to move the search bar further up on the screen, likely to match the current position of the thumbnail in the top right corner of the display. However, it would bring it in-line with other apps like Gmail and the Play Store, which place the thumbnail in their respective search bars.

Another change could be the search bar finally moving to the bottom of the app, although this doesn't appear to feature the user's thumbnail.

It's unclear how widely available these new tests are, but there could be benefits and downsides to either. The new design change would consolidate the user settings into the search bar, although at the expense of reachability by moving the bar up further. It would also remove the weather app from the top left corner.

Bringing the search bar to the bottom of the display would be much better for reachability, especially for phones with tall displays like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but it appears Google would opt to keep the user icon at the top of the display.

Of course, users with the best Android phones could opt to have the search bar on their home screen, but this would still be a welcome change to the actual app.

According to SmartDroid, the bottom bar seems to show up in the Google app beta version 12.47.12, although mileage may vary.

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