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Google reported to launch its third music streaming service in 2018

Music streaming services have become a dime a dozen, and because of this, it can be hard to successfully break into the market when the likes of Spotify, Pandora, and even Apple Music are dominating the industry. Google's already made a couple attempts with its own music streaming solutions, but according to a report from Bloomberg, we'll see the company's third one launch next March.

The new streaming service is currently dubbed as "Remix", and Google has reportedly already made deals with Warner Music Group and is currently in talks with Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Merlin to flesh out the service as much as possible.

Third time's the charm?

Remix is expected to offer on-demand listening for whatever songs you'd like, as well as an integration of related video clips – not surprising considering that Remix will be launching as a YouTube-branded service.

Google first dipped its toes in the music streaming market back in 2011 with the release of Google Play Music, and in 2014 followed this up with YouTube Music Key. Music Key transitioned into YouTube Red a couple years later in 2016, and it includes premium YouTube content in addition to Google Play Music All Access. Because of this, it'll be interesting to see if YouTube Remix replaces Google Play Music or if Google will try to have both coexist next to each other.

YouTube is said to have been trying to make a deal with Sony and Universal for over a year at this point for Remix, so whether or not we actually get a launch in March remains to be seen.

Google Play Music and YouTube Red are the best deal in streaming right now

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  • As long as Google keep building similar stuff and trying for success, it will never will. It needs to merge all music apps.
  • What's wrong with Google Play Music? It is really the best in my opinion. Sounds like Google just needs to brand it better and advertise it. I it's way more functional than Spotify especially if you add your own music(admittedly nit necessary now as the library has gotten bigger).
  • +1
  • I want GPM to be the best and prefer it in a lot of areas like radio and ability to add your own content, but I continue to get frustrated with it's lack of basic filters and sorting option for navigation your library, like albums by Artist or release date. I'm in Tidal for HiFi and think (slowly) Tidal's interface has caught up with the big players, but would switch back to Google if added HiFi and logical sorting in a heartbeat. Here's to hoping the new app has an interface that makes sense.
  • This is exactly what everyone has been asking for! Don't forget to rewrite the play services terms so it has to be included with every phone, Google!
  • Who has been asking for this? I'm still confused as to how this will differ from GPM which does what this article says remix will do
  • I think you missed the sarcasm.
  • Oh ok... Yeah it went completely over my head lol
  • Google is just too late. Spotify and Apple have this market completely cornered.
  • Here we go, just like Google's Messaging services, instead of improving one they just make another. I love Google and am a long time Google Play Music subscriber, however I hate how they can't just focus on one application. Make Google Play Music even better, instead of launching a new app.
  • Agreed. It is already my favorite because it includes COMMERCIAL FREE YOUTUBE!!! The only thing GPM needs is a refreshed UI and they need to pull podcasts out of the application because it is the MOST USELESS Podcast tool in existence.
    REFRESH UI --- MARKET WHAT YOU have (it is already the best) --- DEVELOP WHAT YOU HAVE, NO MORE NEW TO BE NEW Applications.
  • Maybe the previous music services have failed to gain the popularity Google wants because of missing stickers...? On a serious note: why is Google's answer to "insufficient growth" or "lack of brand awareness" always to start over with a redundant product that serves the same purpose but with a different name and somewhat different feature set? Moreover, why hasn't Google figured out that starting over exacerbates these problems in the first place? Perhaps if they would *iterate* and improve (read: develop, update) the existing product line, they could get the ROI (read: traction) they are looking for. I know, I know... Google is smarter than the rest of us and so creating duplicate services is supposed to be Underwater 8D Backgammon MAGA Chess levels of sheer genuis. Must be why this approach to product development works so well that nobody else even bothers to try and copy it.
  • Immediately afterward, they will be releasing their 24th messaging app.
  • No matter my allegiances, one thing must be said about Apple: they aim to make things perfect from the outset, and they continue to improve it. Microsoft tends to aim to make things perfect, but they give up halfway. And then, there's Google, making a decent thing, and instead of improving it, they make a new one (without even properly abandoning the previous one). Seriously guys, we know you're dedicated to making cool stuff, but you're making even more of the same stuff than Sony Mobile couple years ago with their phones.
  • Maybe we have to wait and see but I'm not reading anything that is offered that isn't already offered with gpm subscription
  • Hmm... Everytime I try streaming Google Play Music in my car it's nonstop buffering and frustration. I don't think I'd try paying for their service.
  • Get a good cell phone service for your area plus an unlimited data plan plus a good phone. It works great for me.
  • Definitely sounds like the problem is your service, not Google Play Music.
  • And just like the last two efforts, I'll pass yet again.
  • NO NO NO GOOGLE! Just FIX GPM dammit! We don't need another app that does what the existing one does already. Just make Google Play Music better and let go of the stupid white and orange color scheme already!
  • Google should buy Microsoft Groove music app, great UI, easy to use. I use that on my Honor 6x to stream all of my OneDrive content, 21,000 songs.
  • For crying out loud, Google! Just improve the damn apps you already have. How is it possible you still can't setup smart playlists?! Sheesh! Do the people who work at Google even listen to music?