Latest Google Play Store version brings in-line changelogs to app updates

Google Play Store
Google Play Store (Image credit: Android Central)

It's an honest question sometimes, and before installing something that might bring features you don't want, you'd like to see them listed in the changelog. Well, now instead of having to click away from the Updates page in Google Play Store, you can check changelogs just by tapping an arrow next to the updating app's name to see them.

This comes with the update to Google Play Store 8.0, which is slowly rolling out to users as we speak. This change is welcome, as we've all often wondered what's actually in the updates we're installing. Having to jump through hoops to see the changelog — assuming it's not the standard "We're always improving our app" changelog so many apps use instead of telling us what they're actually changing — is a hassle this new Play Store kisses goodbye.

Now if only Google would make informative changelogs a requirement...

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  • What's a changelog? You can Google it, but nothing will come up, because Google have no idea. It's great that they're putting changelogs front and center, but they need to lead by example by actually writing one occasionally.
  • How many of googles own apps Actually include Changelogs worth reading
  • Android Police Practically Writes Google's change logs for them when they Do APK Teardowns
  • Great, now can they bring back mass install/uninstall apps so that I can setup my phone fast, like I did a couple years ago? I get why they removed it, but dont understand why they didnt make some sort of toggle where we can actually choose what the bulk toggle does..
  • Google is one of the worst when it comes to what is new in their own apps. It's been the same description update after update. The Google now app what's new for the last several updates "New doodles".
  • YouTube never has a changelog. That bugs.
  • Yes indeed. Informative changelogs should be mandatory. The public is no longer ignorant of the complexity of apps and often experiences bugs in the apps they use everyday. For example sharing only works from a certain screen etc. So rather than a generic: "bug fixes" They should at least describe the bug that was fixed.
    We would have more respect for the developers instead of treating them as used car salesmen where they claim to be always "improving reliability and speed". You know who I'm talking about.
  • Go vz or go home !! You get what you pay for.