The Pixel 6 Pro looks stunning in what may be its first hands-on video

Google Pixel 6 Pro Coming Soon Nyc Display Unit Gold Close
Google Pixel 6 Pro Coming Soon Nyc Display Unit Gold Close (Image credit: Michael Fisher / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Google Pixel 6 Pro appears to have been spotted in a short hands-on video.
  • The device appears to be a pre-production unit, as indicated by the logo.
  • The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro may be less than a month from launch.

Google has shown off the Pixel 6 in official press videos, but this may be the first time we see Google's upcoming flagship hands-on thanks to a leaked video.

The video was uploaded by Brandon Lee from This is Tech Today and shows what appears to be the Pixel 6 Pro in grey with its curved 6.7-inch QHD+ display showing "Welcome to your Pixel" and some Android 12 Material You-style animations.

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It's a short clip, but it gives us what may be our best look at the Pixel 6 Pro in hand. The weird logo on the back would indicate that this is a preproduction unit that's not exactly ready for prime time. That said, the device looks quite stunning with its glossy finish, and we get a good look at the triple camera setup on the rear.

Google has both Pixel 6 phones on display at its NYC store, so anyone in the area can get a real-life look at the devices, although you won't be able to touch them and only the back is shown.

Following Google's August teaser, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are expected to be fully announced in October. The release seems imminent following Google's recent promotion of the device and recent FCC documentation, with rumors pointing to October 19 with a release set for later that month. That's when we'll the complete picture of these new phones and how they will manage to compete with the best Android phones.

What do you think of the video? Does it get you excited for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro?

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  • Looks like Lexip 9 to me
  • Looks good wouldn't say 'stunning'
  • My thoughts as well. I would not be embarrassed to carry it, but it's not 'stunning'. I could put my former HTC U11 on a table next to this, and I know which one would get the attention. I could not leave it on the table around other people, because they would always pick it to to look at and fondle it.
  • I don't think this is authentic. None of the photos we've seen till now lead you to believe the 6 Pro is so glossy on the back. In fact they look quite Matte. Also what's up with that logo? Will wait and see what the official phone looks like.
  • Agree and it looks too small to be the Pro.
  • The odd logo on the back is a dead give away.
  • According to others leakers that strange logo means that the phone is a prototype phone.
  • Either he has huge hands, or that's not the real size of the 6 Pro, I think.
  • The word "stunning" is over exaggeration.
  • Not a fan of the camera bump
  • I really dislike the camera bump and it's not practical either. The camera will either get scratched to death or broken. Obviously you could always get a case but to cover that bump it would wind up being pretty thick. I wish they would stop with the two color scheme on the back of the pixels too.
  • Their not thick, go on Amazon, they already have cases and they cover the whole camera bump.
  • Looks cheap compared to Samsung and Apple handsets... Looks like a fingerprint magnet...
  • Something has to be spectacular about that phone such as a price of 700 bucks or less. Otherwise, if I replace my 4XL next year, chances are it will be Samsung. If I wasn't so into the android system and how it works, it would be an apple product.
  • Knowing Google, they will price this higher than Samsung and Apple phones. They will never learn. I'll happily wait until black Friday or longer for a deal.
  • What exactly is "stunning" about it???
  • It being a pixel automatically makes it stunning to AC. In their eyes it is like a unicorn lol.