Google partners with Samsonite for its first 'affordable' smart backpack

Samsonite Konnect I
Samsonite Konnect I (Image credit: Samsonite)

What you need to know

  • Google has launched two new smart backbacks developed in collaboration with Samsonite.
  • They look just like regular backpacks, but come equipped with Google's Jacquard Tag.
  • The Jacquard Tag on the backpack lets you do things like control your music, take a selfie, or ask questions to the Google Assistant.

Last September, Google and luxury fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent unveiled the first connected backpack, priced at nearly $900. Google has now joined hands with Samsonite to introduce two new smart backpacks, which happen to be significantly more affordable than the Saint Laurent Cit-E.

While the Konnect-I doesn't look any different from a regular backpack, its left strap is integrated with Google's Jacquard technology. This means the backpack can respond to touch gestures. Together with the Jacquard app, you can customize what gesture controls which action. The backpack can be used to control your music, pick up a phone call, get turn-by-turn directions, hear your text messages, ask questions to the Google Assistant, and more. You can also have the LED light on the left strap light up according to the alerts that you have set.

Konnect I

Source: Samsonite (Image credit: Source: Samsonite)

The new Konnect-I backpack is available in two styles: Slim and Standard. While the Slim variant costs $199, the standard version is priced at $219. Both styles are now available to purchase from the official Samsonite website.

Konnect I Slim

Konnect-i Slim Backpack

The Konnect-I backpack is equipped with a Jacquard tag, which enables it to connect to your smartphone to perform various actions and receive alerts. The backpack uses water-repellent fabric and has a padded compartment that can accommodate most 15.6" laptops.

Babu Mohan
News Writer