Google partners Adidas to launch new smart insole that can track your soccer skills

Adidas Gmr
Adidas Gmr (Image credit: Adidas)

What you need to know

  • Google, Adidas, and EA have joined hands to launch a smart insole that can analyze your footwork in real time with the help of machine learning.
  • Called the Adidas GMR, the smart insole is now on sale for $40.
  • Thanks to the smart tag inside GMR, it can connect your physical soccer movements to EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile.

At its developer conference in 2015, Google had announced an experimental project called Jacquard. In 2017, the Jacquard team unveiled its first-generation Tag, which was integrated into a Levi's jacket and made it possible to convert touch gestures made on the jacket's sleeve into customization actions on a phone. Two years later, Jacquard 2.0 was introduced, which went inside more Levi's denim jackets and a backpack from Yves Saint Laurent.

Google has now teamed up with Adidas and EA to roll out a smart insole for soccer shoes, capable of tracking physical movements players make – including kicks, distance, speed, and shot power. The Jacquard tag inside the Adidas GMR recognizes these moves with the help of advanced machine learning algorithms. All the movements that the GMR recognizes are transferred to the Adidas GMR app.

In addition to connecting with the Adidas app, the GMR can also connect your real-world soccer movements to EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile. The connection also allows you to complete several unique challenges, unlock in-game rewards, and improve your ranking in global leaderboards.

The Adidas GMR is now on sale for $40 at select Adidas stores. You can also purchase the smart insole online from the Adidas website.

Adidas Gmr

Adidas GMR

The new Adidas GMR smart insole gives you the power to play connected. It packs a tiny Jacquard tag that can analyze your footwork in real time and can fit inside any soccer shoe, as long as it is made from quality eva material.

Babu Mohan
News Writer