Google Now shown off in latest Nexus 4 commercial

Google just aired their latest Android-specific commercial during the Grammys (as well as posted it online), and it's all about the Nexus 4 and Google Now. We've long said that Google Now is the killer feature of Android, and tonight's ad pushes that point home. Weather, train schedules, local guides and translation portions of Google Now all get their time in front of the camera, and the one minute spot ends with a calendar reminder of a hangout where a road warrior spends some time with his son. 

While we expect Google to pimp out the Nexus 4 a good bit, it appears they also know that Google Now is pretty damn awesome. It's about time they show off both the phone and Google Now a little for everyone who hasn't been able to experience either first hand. The full video is after the break, be sure to check it out.

Via: Youtube

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • that is one fantastic commercial, their best yet.
  • I love Google Now but I thought the ad was a snooze-fest. Too much like the Siri ads, but then again maybe that's the point. BTW anyone know if there's there a way to force the translate card to show?
  • At this time, your GPS has to indicate that you're travelling to a location with a different language.
  • Very cool! Glad to see the Nexus 4 being pushed as a consumer device. Maybe that means a 32GB version since it is clearly not being pushed as a developers only phone...?
  • The Nexus 4 was never pushed as a developer only phone, they've always positioned it as being a good option for everyone. And that doesn't mean a 32GB model is coming. I think Google is very happy offering 8GB/16GB options, and so are most normal consumers.
  • I would be happy if the 16GB version was priced like the 8GB version and the 8GB version didnt exist. 8GB? Come on! This is 2013! Even my ancient 3GS has 16GB. I payed the silly premium for the Nexus 7 16GB, and then they changed the lineup to double the capacity a couple of months later. Thanks a lot google. Needless to say I will now :-) wait before buying a Nexus 4.
  • Although I agree the storage could start at 16GB as opposed to 8GB, I have to say that I believe that for some people's needs 8GB has been fine for now. I listen to all my 15GB of music through Google Music streaming service. I don't game on my phone and my pictures are automatically uploaded to Picasa/Dropbox so I can view them in a synced album.
    I have the 8GB Nexus 4, and am quite satisfied. I think I even have >4GB free of storage.
    Again, for some people this works fine, but agree google could start it up from 16GB
  • If you're complaining about the price of the 16gb version of the N4 (or N7), which is what that sounds like, then you are one cheap mofo.
  • Not everyone can order the phone through Google. Here in Finland the 16 gig version costs about 600 euros (800 US dollars).
  • I think they are copying wp8, just using big tiles. Good commercial though.
  • Especially considering Google Now came out before Windows 8.
  • Before windows 7? Cause 8-7 are pretty much the same.
  • Should have been shown at the Superbowl, great commercial imo
  • Love it!
  • I'm loving the kinda subliminal 4.2 reference with the times shown.
  • Good spot! Google Now is such a powerful tool.
  • have there been any posts about getting the most out of google now? brand new to android and i feel like its one of my most under utilized features. i dont know if thats just because i don't have/use public transit or what. gotta be more/better ways to utilize it no?
  • It is nice when out and about to know about how long it will take for me to get he.
  • it takes time to figure out what information to give you, and you can set it for driving directions.
  • I think it makes lots of sense for people who commute every day thru a lot of traffic or public transit. As long as you don't mind it keeping track of where you are every second of every day, which is kind of creepy at times. Other than that, and the occasional currency translation, I haven't found it all that useful.
  • Public transit and air travel. One of the more recent updates lets it pull mobile boarding passes from your inbox and displays the boarding pass QR code as a card. I fly every week, and it's fantastic.
  • I don't think the commercial really portrays what Google Now really is though. I get it because I use it, However, I don't think most people will. It will probably fly over most peoples head.
  • They totally missed the voice input aspect of Google Now which is what most people think of when talking about Siri.
  • That may have been intentional. They want to differentiate Google Now from Siri. When Google Now first came out, the only thing people talked about was how similar it was to Siri. Now, it's time for Google to show what Google Now can do that Siri can't.
  • I agree. I think Google didn't want to encourage the douchebaggery of people walking down the street conversing with Siri. That and it seems like 8 out of 10 times Google now just gives up and searches instead of telling you the answer.
  • kinda related, but kinda not.....I used voice search last night, hanging out with my friends watching the Grammy's, asking about the age of people (works great for this) and the first time i did it I got a "oh, your android has a Siri?" **facepalm**
  • That one's totally Google's fault, though. They've had robust voice commands built into Android for years, but they never pushed it as a major feature. Then Apple releases Siri with a huge ad campaign and all of a sudden, Siri's on its way to becoming a genericized trademark (in a good way).
  • They didn't push it more because the very concept of voice commands is stupid in 90+% of uses.
  • Just because YOU may not find it useful, doesn't make it stupid. Perhaps YOU haven't been creative enough to utilize voice commands to their potential. Be careful what you call "stupid". There is always someone around who can show you the real value in what you dismiss as "stupid".
  • My friends were impressed and entertained when Google Now answered my voice questions during my NFL playoff party. Both my Nexus 7 and my GSIII easily answered questions like "How tall is Aaron Rodgers?" and "What is the capacity of Candlestick Park?" And when my device SPOKE the answers back to me, it was quite a hit.
  • It's snowing!
  • That is one classy ad. I LIKE the fact that you don't have to talk to it for the info like Siri. It just offers it to you. Love the music too.
  • Of course a lot of other phones have Google Now also, but it is good that it and a nexus sees some ad time. Average Joe doesn't know the nexus exists.
  • This is definitely a Nexus 4 commercial. Google Now is just a great feature of it to show off.
  • Great commercial. The only problem I've found with Google Now is that it's the most useful when I'm out of the country traveling, but that's also the time when data costs the most.
  • Pretty cool commercial Google!
  • No mention of voice input/output?
  • No mention of it because Voice input/output is NOT part of Google Now. That is Voice Search (a totally separate service).
  • I want to change the the back ground to city...
  • Hopefully in the future Google will allow users to change photos and add a dark theme for users. Customization is what makes Android so special, so it would only make sense in a future update I think.
  • Good commercial. Very (and I apologize ahead of time for this analogy here) Apple-esque in terms of showing off the features of the phone/software. Samsung could learn a thing or two.
  • Samsung could learn a thing or two? You mean about how to not make the phone available? To not allow people to purchase it when they want it? Or maybe you are referring to the fact that Samsung has the best marketing of any mobile device on the market. Pretty sure Samsung doesn't need to learn from this commercial. As good as this was, Samsung is doing just fine.
  • "We've long said that Google Now is the killer feature of Android" I have the Galaxy Nexus, so it is only the Battery Killer feature. I have to leave it off. Just as Apple surprised everyone with the 4S by focusing on the camera, Google should sink a good wad of dough into their next Nexus being able to run 2 days on a charge. If they came out with a 30 minute charge that lasts 2 days, it would be a true iPhone killer. Neither of the iOS users in my house makes it a whole day off a single charge.
  • Until there is a fundamental technological leap in battery technology... like moving from Lithium Ion to new material/technology... there will always be trade-offs between actually using a smartphone to its potential and getting great battery life. You can't expect a smartphone with capabilities that exceed PCs of a few years ago to get the battery life of feature (i.e. "dumb") phones, which don't do near as much with their radios, screens, or sensors. A smartphone will not be the driving force behind such technological leaps in battery life. The scientific community, at large, will have to come up with it. No doubt it will come from some other application, such as electric automobiles, artificial organs, or any number of other fields that require extended battery life. If battery technology had kept up with computer technology, we would have batteries the size of postage stamps that could power a truck for a year on a single charge.
  • Hmm..Who could possibly have the money to push forward on such technology? I know one company with that kind of money that would be a terrible choice as patent holder...
  • I personally do not have any affection with Google Now - I have the Galaxy Nexus - it kills my battery, it is constantly popping up game scores that I already cleared, and 90% of the other information available are things that, quite frankly, why would you want google tracking your location to tell you all of the time. I mean, how often are you walking around looking for a hotel, or restaurant to eat at? Fine, maybe when your on vacation, or if you are a business traveler in an unfamiliar place. I am actually wondering which phone OS is the best / worst with respect to tracking user statistics, etc. That being said - I do think it is a brilliant application, I just am on the fence with respect to Google's tracking my every move, and then telling me what I should be doing, or looking at.
  • Love Google Now. Watching this AD, I might use Hangout soon :)