Google Now can pencil in appointments automatically

Google Now can now infer events that are not yet in your calendar but that you may have been talking about in your Gmail conversation. By scanning your email, Google can now suggest a calendar card in Google Now and ask if you want to add events that it has inferred into your books.

This would be a great feature for those who are planning things in a chain email, but at the end of the day no one was motivated enough to create a calendar invitation. Rather than leave things to chance, or memory, Google Now can take the hassle out of blocking out your calendar and remind you when the time comes.

Google Now can scan your emails and suggest appointments to you

The feature is said to be rolling out to some users at this time and may not be available for all; we aren't seeing it on our phones just yet. Google is really hammering down on this anticipatory search to present you with useful information even before you need it. Google Now already tracks sports score, flight information, packages, and sends you your boarding pass.

We'll have to see if Google will apply the same predictive algorithms to scan your Google Hangouts chats and Hangouts SMS on your phone for a similar predictive appointment scheduling feature.

Have you noticed this update on Google's backend? If so, let us know how you like it.

Source: Android Police

Chuong H Nguyen