Google Nest Wifi hands-on images leak hours before announcement

What you need to know

  • Hands-on images showing the Google Nest Wifi system have leaked online.
  • The new Nest Wifi system will consist of the Nest Wifi router and Nest Wifi points that can double as Google Assistant speakers.
  • Google will be taking the wraps off the new Nest Wifi system along with the Pixel 4 series smartphones and a few other new products at the 'Made by Google' event in New York City today.

We got our first look at the new Google Nest Mini smart speaker yesterday, revealing a design very similar to its predecessor. Hours before the 'Made by Google' 2019 event kicks off in New York City, images showing Google's Nest Wifi system have now been leaked (via 9to5Google). The images, which come from Engadget, were taken down shortly after they were accidentally published. Fortunately, Reddit user incrediball saved the images and reuploaded them before Engadget took them down.

The Nest Wifi system will include a Nest Wifi router and two Nest Wifi points that will help extend network range. In addition to extending network range, the Nest Wifi point will also be able to function as a Google Assistant speaker, just like the Nest Home Mini. As can be seen in the hands-on images above, the bottom part of the Nest Wifi point has speaker grills, while at the rear is a microphone mute switch. A bright glow will emanate from the bottom when the microphone is muted.

Unlike the first generation Google Wifi, the Nest Wifi router will only have a single status light instead of a light ring. The hands-on images also seem to suggest it will be slightly taller compared to the Google Wifi router.

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Babu Mohan
News Writer