Driving to work isn't always the most enjoyable task in the world, but with a few new features coming to Google Maps this week as part of the latest update, Google's trying to make your commute as bearable as can be.

The Drive tab is the main focus of the update and is being rebranded as Commute. In addition to the name change, Google Maps will now show if your regular commute to work/home has any delays. If there are, you'll be given the best alternative route and estimates of the best time to leave based on real-time traffic reports.

If you rely on the subway/train to get around, users in 80 regions across the globe will see the live movement of a bus or train on Maps, and if you live in Sydney, Google's teamed up with Transport New South Wales to show how full or empty your ride is. On a related note, users that take a mixture of car, bus, and walking routes will be shown exact ETAs and other helpful info for each individual leg of their commute.

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Last but certainly not least, Google Maps finally has in-app music controls for Spotify, Google Play Music, and Apple Music. If you're using Spotify on Android, you'll also be able to browse through recommend songs/playlists.

Google says these new features are coming to Maps this week for both Android and iOS.

Download: Google Maps (free)