Google has added a new tab to its mobile search results, apps. This tab will give you a list of related Android apps that you can download from Google Play, with an install button that will take you right to the listing. If you want to check and see if your favorite Android site has an app (hint: we do!) you can now just search for Android Central and then click the apps tab to show the related apps.

Apps in Google mobile search results

Sure, you could always head right into Google Play to search for your apps, but this new tab makes it easier to see the related apps for all of your searches. It is always easier to be able to see more from one place than it is to hop around between various apps to find the information that you want. To try it out for yourself, open the browser on your phone or tablet, search for something and then tap the Apps tab in order to see related apps.

Thanks for the tip, Rob!

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