Google IO 2016


Google's three-day developer festival has been a massive success, due in no small part to the sheer volume of knowledge the company has stuffed into the Shoreline Amphitheater and its surrounding tent spaces. Not every session was livestreamed this year, and even if they were it'd be impossible to watch them all at the same time. Not to worry, every session was recorded, and that means you can catch up on everything you might have missed from day three of this incredible event.

We've gone ahead and set out a selection of our favorites, but be sure to take a look at everything available on the Android Developer, Google Developer, and ATAP YouTube channels for more!

VR in the Classroom: Early lessons learned from Google Expeditions

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Google's classroom VR project, where teachers were going to be given tools to take students on virtual field trips with Google Cardboard. It turns out that's because Google was busy enabling 1 million of those field trips, as we learned during the keynote on day one. That's a big accomplishment by any measure, and with that comes a lot of lessons learned. This chat is all about those early lessons, and what the future looks like for Expeditions.

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Election 2016: The big data showdown

You can't click more than once or twice on the Internet right now without seeing something about the US Presidential Election, and with all of that noise comes heaps and heaps of data. That's something Google handles very well, and so this talk is all about breaking down the sheer volume of data on this election cycle.

Bridging the physical and digital — ATAP

Google's ATAP team never disappoints, and this year is more of the same amazing gazes into the future. ATAP has a new leader this year, but the presentation was no less impressive, and leaves us eager to put hands on everything ATAP is working on. Take a look at major updates to Project Jacquard, Project Soli, Project Ara, and an all new Spotlight Story to enjoy.

3rd Annual Google Security Update

The state of security at Google doesn't get as much attention as it deserves, but this session is a great way to dig in and get a feel for the importance of everyday security at Google. With a new year of threats, vulnerabilities, and policies to address problems, this session is a great one to sit down and enjoy.

Machine Learning: Google's Vision

You may have missed the 11,000 times Sundar Pichai said machine learning on stage during the keynote this year, but it's clear where the focus for Google is right now. With such a heavy focus on using software to eliminate tasks in our day to day lives, a fireside chat on Google's vision for machine learning is a great place to start wrapping your head around what all of this means.

Design Fireside Chat

Whether you're talking about hardware, software, or the intersection of the two, design matters. This fireside chat offers a great look into how design teams at Google collaborate, as well as some insight into how to function around designers who think a little differently than you might.