Google Home

The UK is the second country to get multiple user support in Google Home, following the feature's rollout in the United States back in April. The update begins rolling out today, allowing Home devices in the country to distinguish between up to six different voices, giving each member of the household access to their own personal data on a Google Home.

To activate multiple user support, simply look for "multi-user is available" in the Google Home smartphone app, and Home will begin the process of learning the ins and outs of each individual's voice — simple.

From there, each person can trigger Google Home with the "OK Google" wake phrase, and get access to their own playlists, appointments, commutes and other information.

There's no word on which countries will be getting multi-user support next; Google Home arrived recently in Canada, so that's a good possibility. Home will be launching in Australia, Germany, France and Japan later in the summer.

Google Home


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