Google Home Netflix integration

Last week, Google rolled out third-party integration for Google Home through Actions on Google, giving developers the ability to build conversational interfaces and integrate their services with the Google Assistant.

With Google Home offering fairly limited support for third-party content, the goal with Actions is to boost the extensibility of the Google Assistant by enabling it to hook into more services. Google demoed Netflix integration on Google Home during the October 4 launch event, and now the integration is live on the device.

You can now link your Netflix account with Google Home and play TV shows and movies to a Chromecast or a Cast-enabled device by issuing voice commands. Google Photos is also integrated with Home, allowing you to see your photos on your TV. To set up the integration, you'll have to navigate to the Videos and Photos section under Google Home's settings.

Google Home Netflix integration

Even though I was able to link my Netflix account with Google Home, I didn't have any luck getting Assistant to stream content to my TV. It looks like Google is yet to enable server-side integration, so it may be a few days before you can ask Google to stream The Crown on Netflix using your voice.

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