Home Depot had the Google Home Hub down to $99 for a few hours last night

The Google Home Hub was announced just this last Tuesday at the Made By Google event, and while its $149 price tag was already quite attractive, Home Depot apparently didn't think it was low enough. Or someone made a gross mistake, but either way, the Google Home Hub was $99 on the Home Depot website with free shipping for a few blessed hours and I really hope you grabbed one while you could.

I know I wish I had.

Updated October 14, 2018 — Hope you grabbed the deal while it's lasted, because it's gone now!

There's a whole lot to like about Google's first smart display: it's got an attractive, petite design that comes in four colors, it's got a 7-inch touchscreen display for displaying YouTube or Netflix videos or monitor your Nest security cameras, it's got a speaker that can more than fill your bedroom or kitchen with music or cooking instructions, and it's got the latest and greatest of Google Home features, including being the first Google Home device to have Home View, Google's one-stop dashboard for controlling and managing the smart devices throughout your entire home.

Seeing the Google Home Hub down to $99 before it even hits store shelves was impressive — public release day for the Home Hub is October 22 — but the deal's gone now, and it is now the same $149 that Bets Buy and Google are offering.

Ara Wagoner

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