Google has completely messed up Assistant's 'shopping list' feature

Starting April 10, Google moved Assistant's excellent shopping list feature from Keep to Express, which means that users that rely on Google Keep, like me, to track shopping items are going to have a harder time.

The gist is this: Google is pushing its Home speaker and Express delivery service to make it relatively easy for people to save a shopping list and fulfil the order in one fell swoop. That's great, because Google Assistant is awesome for that. Until recently, asking Google Home, or Google Assistant on your phone to "add eggs to my shopping list" would automatically populate a running list in Google Keep. So far, so good, since Keep is ubiquitous, available on the web or mobile, and is saved offline in case you're somewhere that doesn't have internet service.

With this change, Google now saves the list to either the Google Home app, or Google Express. If you have neither, the list opens a Chrome tab, which is only accessible through a mobile browser and has no actual desktop web presence. It's also not available offline.

For someone like me, who has access to neither Google Home nor Google Express, this change is for the worse. The kicker, too, is that using the Google search tab on your phone, either from a browser or in the "Feed," saves your written requests to... Google Keep. Yes, the confusion is real.

Also, why won't Google Assistant let me add pears?

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central.