Google Glass prescription frames and lenses now available from Wetley

Stainless steel frames available stand-alone, or with prescription lenses

The first prescription lens solution for Google Glass has been released, and Wetley's GGRX frames are now available for ordering. 

Wetley offers a snap-in solution that requires no modification of your pricey Google Glass, and are available without lenses or with — and the price is very affordable. The stand-alone frames sell for $99, and you bring them to your optometrist for lenses. If you would rather have Wetley take care of all of it, a GGRX frame with single-vision prescription lenses installed is just $149.

The products are available for ordering now, and are expected to ship in 2-3 weeks. 

I'm in for a pair of stand-alone frames. Anyone else? A product video and the full press release is after the break.

Wetley Announces GGRX, the First Available Prescription Lens Solution for Google Glass

GGRX is available for order starting today exclusively at with multiple options available.

Northbrook, Illinois January 6, 2014 –Wetley, OpticsPlanet, Inc.’s newest brand focused on carefully designed technology products that support active lifestyles, is proud to announce the unveiling of its easy to use prescription adapter for Google Glass Explorer Edition, GGRX. Designed and engineered for individuals who depend on prescription eyewear to finally unlock the full potential of Google Glass, GGRX is the first available product on the market and adapters will ship worldwide 2-3 weeks after customers supply their prescription information. The GGRX Adapter starts at an introductory price of $99.99 allowing you to bring the stylish and easy to use frame to a local optician for your lenses. For most individuals, the GGRX Single Vision Prescription Lens Set available exclusively at is the recommended solution, as it comes complete with premium polycarbonate lenses customized to your personal prescription and also Crisal anti-reflective coating for only $149.99.

“Ever since Google Glass was unveiled, we’ve been working on this product quietly but with incredible excitement,” remarked Pavel Shvartsman, President of OpticsPlanet, Inc. “Our team of experienced industrial designers and optical experts have gone through countless designs, reworks and adjustments. We devoted every minute to perfecting the product instead of trying to attract attention, and that’s why we believe we are unveiling not just the first available product of this kind, but also the most stylish, most advanced, and most comfortable solution you will be able to find in the foreseeable future.”

GGRX is a modern, stylish, and lightweight stainless steel frame designed in Chicago and made in the USA, complete with impact resistant polycarbonate lenses and premium Crisal anti- reflective coating to minimize eye fatigue and strain. The decision was made early on in the process to provide a more innovative and modern package to best fit with the advanced Google Glass unit. This led to the decision to eschew a cheaper plastic frame or CR-39 lens options. Various tints are available to utilize GGRX as prescription sunglasses, along with both single vision and progressive lens options.

The unit easily clips into Google Glass by utilizing the existing nose piece. Unlike other units that have been announced, no screw driver, glue, or other tools are required to attach GGRX to Google Glass. Attaching GGRX is a quick and simple process, only taking seconds. For

individuals who switch between contacts and glasses, GGRX offers the flexibility of removing or attaching it as needed to fit daily life. In addition, for those who spend significant parts of their lives outdoors, a combination package of both prescription sunglasses and eyeglass lenses is available, offering the convenience of a complete package.

“Wetley is where design and technology meet to create beautiful, innovative products that enhance the daily lives of their owners,” said Alessandro Minnocci, Product Launch Team Lead. “Wearable technology is exploding and where our focus is today, but there is no question you can expect more exciting and gorgeous products like GGRX from Wetley in the future.”

Those interested in purchasing GGRX for their Google Glass unit can find the entire product line available at

About Wetley

Wetley is the newest brand to join the OpticsPlanet, Inc. family and focuses on beautifully designed high-tech products for individuals with active lifestyles. The brand’s first product, GGRX, is the first available prescription lens solution for Google Glass on the market. New products are already in the pipeline for the coming months and Wetley expects to continue to release innovative new products throughout the year. Wetley has partnered with a manufacturer with extensive experience in the defense, medical, and optical markets.

All Wetley products are currently available exclusively at

About OpticsPlanet, Inc.

Founded in 2000, OpticsPlanet, Inc. is the leading online destination for technical and high- performance gear. OpticsPlanet, Inc. serves demanding enthusiasts and professionals who are passionate about their jobs, serious about their recreation, and devoted to their service. The flagship store,, has been serving the needs of the prescription eyewear market for over ten years, and is an authorized dealer for numerous eyewear brands, including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Bolle and hundreds more.

In 2013, the company was recognized for the seventh straight year by Internet Retailer Magazine as one of the top 500 e-retailers in the United States. OpticsPlanet, Inc. has also been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 5,000 fastest growing companies in the country.

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