Google Store is offering a $75 credit when you finance more than $750 on a Pixel purchase

The Google Store is offering a $75 credit for people who finance more than $750 total when they buy a Pixel or Pixel XL (opens in new tab) with its zero-interest financing plan. The offer runs until June 18, and runs in tandem with the ongoing promotion that offers a free case with every Pixel XL order.

The terms are a bit convoluted, though. You have to spend $750 on one order, and as long as you make two payments on time you'll receive a $75 credit towards the bill automatically. For the free case deal, that case also must be ordered at the same time as a Pixel XL.

Spending $750 on a Pixel XL is easy enough, but a standard Pixel order doesn't quite hit the mark unless you go with 128GB storage and get $99 device protection — or perhaps pick up an extra cable or case at the same time. Device protection is never a bad idea though, and Google's accessories, while pricey, are solid — so it's not too terrible of a proposition. (Chances are that any sales tax you're required to pay would go toward that $750 purchase threshold as well, but we'd check with Google Store support on that before making a purchase.)

Remember that since the $75 credit arrives after just a couple of billing cycles and comes in one payment, you could also theoretically just pay off your remaining balance after it has been applied. You don't have to keep that financing account open for the full 24-month term. Just some food for thought.

Newer phones have come and taken the spotlight, but the Pixel line remains one of the best Android phones you can buy. Getting one and saving $75 isn't horrible if you're been looking.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Come on Google, a product that will be discontinued in 4 months should be 30 to 50% off. Especially when at full carrier retail. Don't buy into it folks...
  • +1
  • The only reason they aren't discounting it is because they don't have enough stock.
    If they reduced the price on the pixel to $400, they'd sell out in minutes and then everyone would be placed on a waitlist until they announced its discontinuation. What this promotion says is, "we've made a few more Pixels, and we want to offer a lukewarm deal so it will get noticed."
  • I think you underestimate how many phones companies continue to sell deep into their lifecycles at near-full MSRP. I agree Google could do right by everyone that has had trouble ordering and just cut prices across the board by $50 or maybe even $100. But to slash Pixel prices by 50% would be extremely surprising and completely eliminate any margin Google is making on these phones.
  • Yeah there was no way they are going to cut this by 50%. I agree maybe a bit more of a discount but they will probably deplete they stock by October
  • Yeah this phone should be $400. No thanks Google.
  • Too little too late. Just got my unlocked v20, looking forward to setting up Lineage OS on it tonight. Nexus software experience and removable battery with micro SD and cost hundreds less than a Pixel.
  • My 6P has been trucking along just fine for over a year and a half...I'll just wait for the Pixel 2.
  • Lol what? Google, Google Google....
  • Synchrony Bank...........if Google sold more stuff its not a bad trade line to have......
  • $750? Give me a break...
  • Literally NO phone is worth $750. Be it a Pixel, an iThing, or this new "essential" thing.
  • Nor an S8 And the Pixel looks beat up after pocketing for 6 months. Also there's a recent article including forum posts about the curved display on the S8's being problematic in several ways including scratches.
  • Spare yourself the pain and get a OnePlus. These overpriced slablets are... overpriced.
  • Financing $750 or more...that's an issue that speaks for itself.
  • In June? Lol
  • Sometimes I think screw it, I'm gonna abandon all reason and buy myself a Pixel XL, the rest of the time I think Google are out of their Vulcan minds charging these prices.