Google Fit is the latest Google app to join the dark side

What you need to know

  • Google Fit is getting a dark theme starting with version 2.16.
  • The dark theme can be enabled in the settings menu manually or set to follow your system theme.
  • Google Fit users have been complaining for months about issues with the app.

Android Q will be the first version of Android to see the dark theme make it out of beta and into the final version. In preparation for the launch, Google has been updating many of its apps with dark themes to match.

Recently, we've seen Keep, Photos, Calendar, and even Google Search get the eye-pleasing makeover. Google Fit appears to be the next to join the list starting with version 2.16 of the app, which is available for download right now.

Once you've updated or installed the latest version of Google Fit, you'll need to navigate to your profile, then to the settings cog, and scroll down to theme where you can set it to light, dark, or have it follow your system theme.

As with all of Google's previous dark themes, it won't be 100% black but instead use a dark gray color scheme. The Google design team has explained previously how it chose to use dark gray over black for its dark themes to offer a low contrast theme to be easier on the eyes.

While I'm a huge fan of dark themes and I'm happy to see another Google app being given the makeover, this is probably not the update many Google Fit users were hoping for. Recently, we reported on a string of bad reviews being left for the app because it simply stopped tracking, syncing, or in some cases, allowing users to sign in.

All signs seem to point to these being issues on the server-side, and Google says it is actively looking into it. Hopefully, the problem will be fixed soon so every user of Google Fit can join the dark side.

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Jason England