Google Fi's new phone subscription program will get you a Pixel every two years

Pixel 4a Alex Back Standing
Pixel 4a Alex Back Standing (Image credit: Alex Dobie / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google today launched a new phone subscription plan with Google Fi.
  • On this, you'll be able to get a new Pixel every two years with a built-in protection policy against damage and theft.
  • Google is offering this with the Pixel 4a to start for $15 a month.

Google is launching a new phone subscription program with Google Fi. From today, you'll be able to buy the Pixel 4a for $15 a month for a two year period. It's like a standard phone contract, but a little cheaper. You'll also get phone protection from accidental damage as well as theft. You will have to buy your own Fi plan separately, but it'll cost you less than buying the phone and protection plan separately.

Google says that you'll be able to get a new Pixel in two years via upgrade, so if the Pixel line still exists in 2020, you'll be able to pick up the Pixel 6a or whatever Google's going to be selling then for the same price or just a bit higher.

Hopefully, Google extends this program to other Pixels as it does seem a good idea for people who'd like to reduce their phone-spend while still getting reliable service.

As for the Pixel 4a, Android Central found it to be a good phone, concluding:

Google bucks the trend of cheap phones getting bigger and bigger displays, and I appreciate it — although the lack of an "XL" variant will certainly limit the Pixel 4a's appeal until the larger 4a 5G rolls out. But people should look past that limitation and realize they're getting an incredible value for only $350 here. The camera experience speaks for itself, the spec sheet is going to carry the phone well for a couple years, and Google's software (and guaranteed updates) is always a strength. The Pixel 4a should be on the shortlist for anyone shopping for a budget-minded phone.

If you're interested, you can grab the deal from Google's Fi site.

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