Google Fiber coming to Provo, Utah

Google has announced that the third city to gain access to its Google Fiber service will be Provo, Utah. The announcement comes just a week after the second city, Austin, was announced. In case you're wondering, Provo is the third largest city in Utah and about 43 miles south of Salt Lake City.

In the blog post, Google says that they've agreed to purchase iProvo, a fiber-optic network that has been building since 2004. The City Council of Provo will vote on Tuesday, April 23, to approve the deal.Once it is finalized, Google says they intend to start upgrades. No date is set as to when you can officially get the service, however.

Once it has been approved, Provo citizens can enjoy all of the benefits of Google Fiber that people in Kansas City and Austin can:

  • For a $30 activation fee, you can get 5 Mbps service for 7 years
  • Gigabit Internet service with an optional TV package
  • Free Gigabit Internet service for local public institutions such as schools and libraries

Google Fiber continues to expand. Let's hope for more expansion to drive competition in the Internet service space.

Source: Official Google Blog

Sean Brunett