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Google Fiber coming to Provo, Utah

Google has announced that the third city to gain access to its Google Fiber service will be Provo, Utah. The announcement comes just a week after the second city, Austin, was announced. In case you're wondering, Provo is the third largest city in Utah and about 43 miles south of Salt Lake City.

In the blog post, Google says that they've agreed to purchase iProvo, a fiber-optic network that has been building since 2004. The City Council of Provo will vote on Tuesday, April 23, to approve the deal.Once it is finalized, Google says they intend to start upgrades. No date is set as to when you can officially get the service, however.

Once it has been approved, Provo citizens can enjoy all of the benefits of Google Fiber that people in Kansas City and Austin can:

  • For a $30 activation fee, you can get 5 Mbps service for 7 years
  • Gigabit Internet service with an optional TV package
  • Free Gigabit Internet service for local public institutions such as schools and libraries

Google Fiber continues to expand. Let's hope for more expansion to drive competition in the Internet service space.

Source: Official Google Blog

  • Fiber expanding. i wonder why they give 5mb for free. why cant they make it $10/month/
    that will make other competitors reduce the pricing
  • Competitors will notice when they start seeing people drop like flies from them. Not everybody needs god like speeds.
  • Giving 5mbps for free will make other competitors reduce their pricing, in the long run. It's the same effect, except Google is being smart about it: because they're making little to no profit from that offer, it reduces the likelihood that legal action will be taken against them for severely undercutting the competition.
  • I really hope they'll expand to Salt Lake City soon... We're only a few miles north!
  • Yeah, but you don't have an existing fiber network in place. Provo does.
  • Parts of SLC have fiber, actually. Just not the entire city.
  • Saint Charles Iowa has a fiber network in place.
    Google! Can you here me! Saint Charles has a fiber network in place!
    Come and assimilate us!
  • This is great news! I live in Provo!!!
  • HOME TOWN BABY!! In case any of you are wondering why it came here, as mentioned in the post, we already have fiber optics in place. Google just needs to update them instead of building an entire infrastructure from what I understand. So it makes sense :) and I'm excited :)
  • $300 activation fee. NOT $30?
  • That's for Kansas city. Provo might be different. Either way, I'm guessing a majority of people will opt for the 5 mbps plan.
  • It's possible they could be different. I'm not sure about KC, but Provo already has fiber throughout the maybe that's why it costs less?
  • Wouldn't Provo be the fourth city to receive Fiber service? Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS both have it now, and Austin, TX was just announced last week?
  • Details details.
  • KCMO and KCKS are one in the same metro area, take notice of the Kansas City part.
  • Its 30 $ read it your self
  • What brand is that tv box and storage box in the picture?
  • You're joking right?
  • How sad is it that I actually want to move to get Google Fiber. That's how ridiculous the prices and speeds are of Comcast in my area.
  • AMEN. I hate Comcast.
  • Here in Canada, Rogers is charging $41 (with tax on top of that) for 6 Mbps with a 20GB cap. That's the lowest tier. Prices just go up from there. I would willingly pay at least 50% more than what Americans are paying for Google Fiber, in Canada. After a 2 year contract discount, I pay $140 per month (with taxes in) for a mid-tier internet and cable package. Something like Google Fiber would be over $200 per month here easily.
  • Being that Provo is in Utah County they'll be turning of Google Fiber on Sundays... you know since everything else in Provo is shut down on Sunday.
  • Wow Google is really getting serious with Fiber, I didn't think that they would expand to so many areas so quickly. I wonder if they will reach a dozen cities by the end of the year.