Google expects to sell out of remaining stock of Nexus One within 10 days

Google has told the L.A. Times it expects to sell out of its remaining stock of Nexus One phones by the end of July -- which comes in about 10 days. Google gave no figures about how many N1s it received in the last shipment, and we're in no position to guess.  Maybe the news that it was taking down its online phone store jacked up the sales rate, or more likely Google didn't get very many in, but either way you have about 10 days to get what many (including a few of us here) think is one of the best smartphones ever made.  And now, a moment of silence. [L.A. Times]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • RIP Nexus One
  • very sentimental blueman.. touched my heart
  • "... one of the best smartphones ever made." I am very glad I grabbed my N1 on release day - never regretted it - best phone I've ever owned. I especially love that us N1 owners get updates months before the rest of you flakes. LOL... //salutes N1//
  • Ahhh, the Nexus One!!! Google's exclusive phone and one of the few that actually has the real stock android on it! the only phone to have Froyo and the first phone to receive Gingerbread in the next coming months! Soooo glad i have one!! :) let's all keep in mind that this phone paved the way for the current Android Beasts (Evo, Inc, X, etc) the lead wolf of the 1 ghz pack!
  • Yeah, for all the Nexus One's advanced updates, the real breakthrough was the hardware template that Google and HTC set forth to all other Android phone manufacturers... They raised the bar (w/Google's direction I'm sure) and said "this is what a high-end phone should meet or surpass)"... And it still took 6-7 months for other Snapdragon/Humingbird/whatever devices from HTC, Moto and Samsung to reach most carriers.
  • Lead follow or get out of the way
  • Only real question is....are they going to make a Nexus Two? Flagship for Android 4.0?
  • Great! My Nexi's resell value just went up.
  • I just hope another Dec phone comes about in two years so I can get away from att
    I heart N1
  • From G1 to N1 it has been a great
  • Agreed, best smartphone available.
  • question...
    What if my nexus one breaks or i drop it somewhere would i still be able to get a replacement? i have it insured so idk how it would work :/
  • Hm, no indication whether they're going to stop selling the accessories once the phone stock is gone (desktop dock, car dock, spare batteries). Just broke down and ordered a car dock to be safe.
  • I am dying reading these posts knowing that this beauty of a phone which was intended for all carriers never made it to verizon. I would be willing to pay the retail price and then some to get a hold of one of the CDMA test phones if i would be allowed to run it on verizon.
  • i thought the nexus one was 'a failure'. And yet their stock is expected to sell out. Wish the media would actually pay attention to things. The Nexus was a success - it stimulated the market. That was the idea!
  • Selling however many they made doesn't make it a success. We still don't know how many it is. Stopping production all but guarantees selling out of a product. You honestly think it wanted to just "stimulate the market" and not set the smartphone world on fire? Come on now. Not a hater of it..its a damn good phone. Its just not a commercial success. I hope they do a Nexus Two but don't limit the marketing to online only.
  • Man, just a short seven months ago it was a brand new era, and now it seems pretty bleak. I was really hoping the idea of buying devices around the carrier would catch on. It would take one heck of a device to cause me to give up my N1.
  • love bennishes comment, that what im thinking. give google two years at a time , cause people that got that upgrade was through tmobile, they the real nex mo,s. then att. so thats why i think gooogle WILL have nexus two in , say, every two years. upgrade time. there pumping out android phones like a freakin madman. nex is why i love android for life. peroid.
  • To be able to purchase an unlocked, completely stock, latest build phone android or not is sadly over. Not really worried, we have a thriving community that will support this phone for a long time. Glad I picked one up when I had the chance.
  • Can't say enough good things about my N1. It nice to have stock Android with the latest updates:)
  • I loved my Nexus One so much more than I love my Evo :'(