Google CEO Eric Schmidt Keeps His Inbox Clean

It seems there are basically two kinds of gmailer's. The ones who keep every e-mail in their inbox with the goal to someday (and somehow) fill it, then the others that can not seem to delete it fast enough. Google CEO Eric Schmidt is one of those who doesn't prefer clutter in his inbox, or maybe he prefers to keep his phone running smoothly. According to Valleywag, Schmidty can't kill things quick enough.

"The CEO of Google and ultimate overlord of email-hoarding service Gmail deletes every email he receives, unless he's specifically asked to do otherwise."

It seems that Mr. Schmidt has no intention to use those gigabytes of storage on his Gmail account. Then again, when someone such as Eric Schmidt is using 30 different computers at work, we can see how important it would be not to let information get in the wrong hands. [valleywag]

AC Staff