Google Calendar gains Chat integration so you can tell everyone you're going to be late

Google Calendar on Pixel 3 XL
Google Calendar on Pixel 3 XL (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Calendar is rolling out with Chat integration.
  • Users will be able to converse with other meeting/event participants directly from Google Calendar.
  • Google is currently in the process of forcing users out of Hangouts and onto a newer version of Chat.
  • The Calendar/Chat integration has started rolling out as of September 20.

Google is currently in the process of migrating users away from Hangouts, the company is making sure to put Google Chat in as many places as possible. The latest update integrates the messaging app within Google Calendar for easier access.

According to a blog post on Wednesday, Google Calendar users will soon notice a new Chat icon when viewing a meeting or event. It will appear next to the list of event attendees and provide a quick and easy way to start a conversation amongst them.

Google Calendar Chat Integration

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

Google notes that this could become a preferred way to communicate with other members of the event without resorting to email. "For example, sending a message that you're running late or sharing resources with attendees not long before the meeting starts." However, the email option will remain next to the Chat button, so users will always have an option.

Google also assures that the Chat feature will only apply to members of your organization, so you won't have to worry about bringing in external members into a confidential conversation.

The integration has already started appearing for some users, however, a wider rollout won't happen until October 4 and take roughly two weeks to reach users on the web and on the best Android phones.

The update comes just after Google announced that it was migrating legacy Chat PWA users to a newer version of the web app. The change, however, only seems to affect "a small number of users are still on the older Chat PWA version."

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