Google Assistant's new birthday reminder notifications begin appearing for some users

Google Assistant on the Pixel 4 XL
Google Assistant on the Pixel 4 XL (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Assistant's new birthday reminder feature is starting to show up for some users.
  • The feature was announced by Google last month, alongside other improvements to Assistant Snapshot.
  • Google Assistant will remind you about birthdays of people in your contacts roughly a week in advance.

Google announced a few new features coming to Assistant Snapshot late last month, including the ability to launch it using a voice command and reminders about upcoming birthdays. According to the folks at Android Police, the birthday reminder feature has now started showing up for some users in some English-speaking markets.

Google Assistant Birthday Reminder

Source: Android Police (Image credit: Source: Android Police)

The birthday reminders pop-up in the notification shade around a week and a half before the actual date, giving you a lot of time to plan something. You will be able to mark these reminders as "Useful" or "Not useful," so you can hide them if you don't find the feature to be useful.

When you tap on the birthday reminders, you will be take to the related Snapshot card, where the Assistant will help you find a gift, view photos of the contact, send them a message, sing a personalized birthday song, or find flower shops nearby.

Aside from birthday reminders, the Assistant Snapshot will soon show you "tailored recommendations" based on your preferences for things like recipes, podcasts, and nearby restaurants.

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