The Google Assistant is something I regularly use every single day, whether it be on my Pixel 2, Pixelbook, or Google Home. While the Assistant has expanded to a lot of different hardware since its launch, the same hasn't exactly been true for worldwide availability. However, it looks like this will soon be changing.

During a recent Digital News Initiative Summit that was held in Amsterdam, Google announced that the Assistant was expanding to a lot more countries later in 2018. The photo in the Tweet below shows which countries the Google Assistant is currently available/coming soon (the areas in blue), and as such, we can see that the Assistant will be made available in the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and others.

The Google Assistant will be expanding to a total of 38 countries (bringing the total number up to 52), but there are some notable exceptions from the list such as Denmark and Austria. In addition to the new countries, Google also plans to support new languages — including Russian, Dutch, Arabic, and Hindi.

There's currently no time frame as to when these expansions will roll out, but we'll be sure to keep an eye on things as the year goes on.

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