Google announces Chrome for iPhone and iPad, while most Android users can't even install it

Day two at Google I/O has brought forth a lot of Chrome and Google Drive news. One highlight being that Chrome and Google Drive will be coming to iOS later today. Of course, this is a great thing to have happen but we can't gloss over the fact that most Android devices can't even access Chrome yet, now every iOS device 4.3 and up will be able to run it. Irony, this announcement was full of it. I can run Chrome on my iPhone 4S yet, not my Galaxy Note even though it's technically fully capable. In other words, Google needs to address this somehow, not sure how but it needs to happen as soon as possible.

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  • Total Bull Google!
  • Why does anyone care? No flash support...Dolphin and Firefox are just as fast and have Flash support. GB users ain't missing anything. Chrome is bringing nothing to this party. I have to imagine it is even less appealing on the iPhone...Safari is surely more optimized for Apple hardware.
  • This just in from Adobe. There will be NO Flash support for Jellybean and you will not be able to even download it on unsuported devices after AUG 15th.
  • Really a kick in the nuts for Gingerbread users, which are the bulk of the Android user base.
  • Are there some Apple's spy in Google lol? :D :D
  • Those Bastards!
  • Did they kill Kenny?
  • ^
  • Kind of mad that it's not on GB, but at least my Razr should get ICS soon-ish.
  • I thought they were using hardware acceleration with Chrome which Gingerbread doesn't support (no idea about iOS). Although maybe I'm wrong, but that was my understanding.
  • You are right and most who read this site should bloody know this and quit whining .. root their devices and use CM9 if it's available.
  • Ah yes, beta and RC software in place of final fully working gingerbread builds not to mention you are voiding the warranty when doing this. Sounds like a great solution to fix a problem that should have never existed.
  • Right. But also Chrome will slow down some devices just by being installed, even if you haven't used it since reboot. It affects battery life too. I suspect the backbround syncing is a bit more aggressive than it really needs to be, especially when you have chrome open on a desktop 24/7 with tabs that need to be synced. If you want the speed of chrome, at half the memory penalty, run Firefox.
  • Come on Google get chrome on Android before the competition
  • I'm sure it's an actual limitation of Android 3.x and below. Having said that, I think it's in Google's best interest to get Chrome on other devices that are capable without artificially holding back.
  • Chrome for Android requires hardware acceleration that GB IS not capable of so they are not "artificially holding back" as they've said this over and over and over and over again. The carriers and manufacturers are to blame for you still being on GB if indeed you are. It is what it is. No different then video game A requires X so either upgrade to X or stop bitching.
  • I'm not bitching, as I type from my Prime, I guess I didn't clearly state my thoughts clearly. I think them NOT putting it on iOS because they can't put Chrome on 3.x devices and below would have been a mistake, ie artificially limiting Chromes pool of users. If anything, it might draw in new users thinking being able to have Chrome their default browser would be cool.
  • Welp, although I see the frustration in Google not delivering Chrome to Android first, let alone across all devices, it must be admitted that it is really not entirely a dumb idea for them to release on iOS with such zeal. Fact of the matter is, Google has all of its Android Users where it wants them. Sure some will jump ship, but it seems to not be such a bad choice to release a Flagship App on a competitors OS. Google is losing ground with Apple iOS, while it has nothing to fear with Android obviously. I get the frustration, but common, its a smart marketing move on their part
  • Google already gets all the data from the Android Browsers. There is no Business need to hurry Gingerbread Chrome. Now they have a nice big peak into the iOS users mobile life. There is always a reason.
  • I guess that Google wants me to trade in my Galaxy Note for an iPhone. I bet it is even prettier on an iPhone anyway.
  • Wow didn't think about this, I'm getting an S3 soon enough (whenever it ships), and didn't bother to think about anyone who just upgraded six months ago or the people who own Notes. It's a big problem for people who don't root and have phones which will never see ICS.
  • Who cares chrome is only half a browser on mobile. No flash support so expect to see plenty of blank spaces on many websites.
  • Just like Safari on iOS, eh?
  • Mine works fine, loaded it out of curiosity, used it some, but it works. Happy with the stock browser, it does what I need it for.
  • So is this why Chrome doesn't support flash? I have it on my Galaxy S2 and never use it. Too many webpages still using flash. Now I'm think it was made to work on the Iphone/Ipad.
  • I agree that this sucks for the bulk of Android users and definitely stings a little. But come on now... This isn't really Google's fault is it? The ICS code has already been released. It's manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola that take AGES to bring the latest version of Android to their devices. I just switched to a Galaxy Nexus from a Motorola Photon 4G. That high end phone was released in August. That's 10 months ago. And Motorola has flat out said they aren't even sure IF the Photon will even receive the ICS update. Even if it did, when would it arrive? 2013? No... This is not Google's fault. This problem lies solely with manufacturers who only care about their stupid skins and "customization" and pumping out new phones while leaving all the customers they already have with little to no support!
  • I couldn't agree with you more. I see nothing wrong with manufacturer's wanting to differentiate themselves from the competition, but it should be through custom apps and maybe visual changes, but not changes to the underlying code. As for Gingerbread not having Chrome, if I had to guess I would say that is due to API limitations.
  • Exactly! Look at how Sony has managed to update last year's models to ICS in a timely fashion. And I am willing to bet that it's because they haven't completely retooled the system from the ground up. They even extracted the Timeline part and made it just a widget, not something deeply integrated in the system. Long term support is something I would much more greatly value over these customizations. I know for sure I won't be buying any more Motorola devices.
  • Think of it this way: being able to say goodbye to Safari on iOS is a great thing.
  • there are hundreds of people at that presentation,
    not a single one had tha cojones to stand up and
  • Probably because the people attending have a clue.
  • Because they'd say " It was written for Android 4.x so please contact your carrier and manufacturer. " because as the post said .. the audience at I/O have a clue. Whiner.
  • Ad-revenue lost from Google Maps being taken off iDevices will be made up for (at least in part) with searches in Chrome, hmmm
  • Ah, a man with a clue. How refreshing.
  • Who cares, chrome for android sucks ass, especially on heavy websites, oh but I bet google will make sure it runs FLAWLESSLY on iOS. Love Android but hate some if the moves Google makes. While Apple is doing everything in their power to give US Android users a bad experience, there is Google running to iOS giving them an application that most Android users can't install. How bout if the iPhone 6 is bad ass I switch to that Google, does that sound good?
  • Uh, most of the Google apps on iOS started out horribly. Just look at how crippled the GMail app was and still is.
  • I'm sure that it'll be available to all users in mid July. Now that it's going to be a default browser(on Nexus 7), it should start releasing for all android devices.
  • Sorry, I can't share the sentiment. My Galaxy s2 got ICS more than a month ago, while my NOTE back in May. Both running ICS 4.0.3 as of today, and both happily been running Chrome since the upgrade. It's a good thing Chrome is not backward compatible. As long as they keep pleasing everyone with support for old OS and inferior device, the browser can't move forward and exploit all the potential and features of the new OS. People keep forgetting that ICS is not GB upgrade, it's a total OS replacement, with new, rewritten software, which is not meant for older devices. Instead of crying that you can't get app installed, just go get a new phone.
    Damn... everyone act like it was first time thing. Half Adobe programs won't install without 68bit machine. Even older versions like CS5 won't run smoothly on 1 or two year old, average class computer. It's been like that ever since computers were around. Want latest stuff, get good and new hardware, it really is that simple.
  • I don't totally disagree with you, except on the logic of buying a new phone just to run one app. Especially if you own a phone that is slated to get ICS.
  • Thats bull. ICS can run on many older devices and devices like my own are scheduled for updates to the OS as soon as our carriers, who would prefer that we "just buy a new phone" stop worrying about how many impulse buys and knee-jerk upgrades they'll miss out on and decide It's safe enough to ration it out to us. FURTHERMORE, we're not all privelaged to have money leaking out of our butt-cracks that we can toss away on buying a new phone at full retail price every four to eight months. We REALLY shouldnt have to.
  • iPhone & iPad set to get Key Lime Pie tomorrow.
  • Funny... I'm not usually in the complaints column, but this OS one of those things I've been waiting for since I heard rumors then saw the release of the beta to the Google Play Store a couple of weeks later. So, to add insult to injury, Google releases ICS about a month after I get my Gingerbread enabled device (nearly 7 months ago) and I still don't have that, which (because it wouldn't be entirely right to blame Google for since between them and myself is the handset manufacturer and my cellular carrier making things difficult) and now they release Jelly Bean while I STILL dont have an ICS update abd then they hand the MOTHER OF ALL BROWSERS, which I still cant get on my Google Android device, into the hands of APPLE COMPUTER SUPPORTERS!?!! WHAT. THEE. HELL!!???!!! Google, this is one supporter who genuinely feels deeply and truly burned. It appears lately that you guys cant do anything but disappoint me.
  • I love chrome, I really do, it's my default computer browser hands down. But even after coming out of beta, I uninstalled chrome for android after 15 minutes of seeing how it works, it's just not that good on Android, it looks like the stock browser with a new skin over it, syncing with desktop, and the 8 windows thing. Other than that, you might as well use stock.
  • Not sure why the writer would write such a headline to get people all upset. Look heres the thing your Galaxy note or any other phone stuck on GB cannot run Chrome due to some hardware accelerations that GB does not have. This is known and has been known. Either buy a nexus or root your device. Or bitch to the OEM's who can't seem to keep there grubby hands off of Android. Make Sammy and HTC and Moto put out vanilla Android and make there custom skins available for download in the play store and we wouldn't have this problem. Or we can only hope that the new PDK that Google talked about yesterday helps the OEM's out and we all get updates in a timely manner.
  • Apple is always trying to take down things from android, but yet Google says, here you go Apple, use our apps that 93% of our user base can't...
  • Now you know why there weren't any jabs at Apple, yesterday.
  • Google is the most stupid company Microsoft have WP and his default browser is Internet Explorer
    Apple have iOS and his default browser is Safari we will see Microsoft & Apple release there Safari or IE to other OSs ?? no !! f*ck u Google we don't see any apps from Apple in Android but we see all Android apps from Google go to iOS !!!!
  • You Sir, doesnt have a clue... Read A LOT before whining about something...
  • A lot of people are mainly venting on how another OS is able to support features of an OS that is in clear competition with it. Many people haven't thought about the business aspect of this yet, so instead of bashing people, how about you explain it to them.
  • Sir or Ma'am please rethink, who would download Safari or IE on Android? Damon near everyone that has a Mac or PC downloads Chrome, so why not make Chrome available on iOS and WP? All the revenue that could be generated from ads on iOS devices not only makes up for the lost revenue from Google Maps being ditched, but would probably surpass it since most iOS devices are on limited networks. Also, it gets the word out that Chrome is now a mobile browser that came from Android, all the more reason for expiring contracts to be renewed with Android devices.
  • Fragmentation at work again!
  • Hey, Rene called. Said he was missing a troll. Time to go home. Oh. Good luck with your forgettable iOS 6. No one even remembers wwdc after this.
  • was thinking the same thing and I hope they get the 2.x and up version released soon so that everyone can enjoy.
  • Works great on my ipad2 and 4s. As well as the Nexus.
  • Chrome isn't that great... On my Transformer Prime, which is some of the most powerful Android hardware available, it's SLOW. It's ugly, it's clunky, and it doesn't do Flash. No matter what anyone says, Flash isn't going away any time soon... And it's 46mb!
  • Completely agree with you on Chrome's performance on the Transformer Prime, it's unbearably slow especially with pages like Android Central. Here's the kicker though: Chrome on my 3rd gereration iPad is blazing fast, completely night and day from my Prime. Say what you want about Google releasing this on iOS but as an Android Phone user and primarily iPad tablet user, I love having Chrome (and all my bookmarks and search history) on my iPad.
  • Guys, guys, I'm really cranky. I've got this car, 1981 BMW and the stupid standard, factory 2.3.5 stereo won't pair to my phone via Bluetooth! I just don't get it! I don't want to upgrade, or put in a custom 4.0.3 stereo with Bluetooth, but I do wish that it would do everything the new version does. I feel the manufacturer is to blame, for not having the ability to see into the future and making it forwards compatible. Also Chrome for Android is excellent, my only criticism is the one everyone has: no flash. Other than that, the interface is intuitive, it renders pages like a grown up, and simple things like inline popups don't completely ruin it's world, unlike EVERY OTHER ANDROID BROWSER. Okay good talk.
  • Who cares? Chrome on Android sucks anyways, you're better off going with Firefox.
  • Chrome eats battery and memory and it isn't all that smooth on my ONE X. I was impressed with the new Firefox which scrolls a lot smoother than Chrome. Gingerbread devices with minimum hardware requirements should get chrome but as fragmented as android is I don't see gingerbread getting chrome since it uses specific hooks from Android 4 and definitely needs the hardware that supports Ice Cream.